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Neue Schule Turtle Top with Flex Loose Ring 16mm/70mm

M (128-138mm)
L (138-148mm)
XL (158-168mm)
XXL (158mm - 168mm)
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SKU: 238-M
EAN: 5065009266197
  • Loose-ring turtle top bit 16mm/70mm
  • Recommended for horses with busy mouths
  • Ergonomically designed bit
  • Made of Salox® Gold for relaxation and acceptance

    This anatomically-designed, double-jointed, loose-ring bit features a flattened dome-shaped link to lower pressure in your horse’s mouth. This is one of Neue Schule’s most uncomplicated bits – the mouthpiece stays centred and arched over the tongue and remains unchanged during riding. This comfortable bit is ideal for horses with busy mouths, bringing their attention back to the reins. Made of high-copper Salox® Gold, the bit feels soft and quickly warms up in your horse’s mouth, encouraging acceptance gently.

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