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Horse Grooming Brushes

Grooming your horse has multiple benefits, beyond giving them a good gleam up! Keeping your grooming kit in tip-top condition is essential for the best results too – check out our selection of grooming brushes.

Horse Grooming Brushes

You just can’t underestimate the importance of horse grooming brushes when it comes to the equestrian industry. It's something that every horse rider should take into consideration by hooks and crooks. Non-negotiable if you ask us!

We all know the amazing before and after transformation a good groom can give! But grooming your horse has more benefits than simply making them look fab.

It’s essential to groom your horse in the areas where its tack will sit to avoid chaffing and rubbing before a ride, but spending the time to give them a proper brush down has many added benefits

It’s therapeutic for both mind and body, a bit like massages and dry-skin brushing is for us. Regular Grooming helps your horse’s coat stay in top condition by sloughing off old skin and hair, improving blood flow and circulation and stimulating the production of beneficial oils.

It also massages muscles and relieves tension. Another added benefit of going over your horse from head to tail with a dandy brush or body brush is that you’ll notice any new lumps or bumps quickly and have the best chance of quick treatment and recovery, just like a regular physical exam.

Grooming not only helps your horse physically, but mentally too. It assists with relaxation, and many horses need help to relax! It’s also precious inter-species bonding time, building trust and mutual understanding. Using good brushes is important.

Best horse grooming brushes

As we have said, grooming your horse has more benefits physically and mentally, that being said having the best horse grooming brushes is more than necessary.

You should always strive to have the best product for the maximum benefits to your horse.

Here atSaddle Up & Ride, we have the best horse grooming brushes that you will hardly found them anywhere. We always differentiate ourselves from other stores by putting the A1 products on the market that deliver exponentially better.

Looking for the best horse grooming brushes to suit your horses’ needs. Here are what we have got for you.

Equerry 3P Blue Large Body Brush- A large body wooden brush made by an equerry, world leaders in professional grooming brushes. Very well known for its fine bristles and a sturdy hand strap.

Equerry P6 Bassine Dandy Brush- Looking for the best horse grooming brushes with an iconic natural fibre bristles? This one is for you. It has the perfect ability to make your horse coat shine more and get rid of losing hair.

Shires Detangler Brush- This multi-functional detangler brush is a non-negotiable to any grooming kit. Its very durable and it works wet or dry. Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we have got them plenty.

Shires Curry Comb - Black- Very durable & adjustable hand strap, it’s ideal for removing hair, sweat and dirt, or to brush through manes and tails. Undoubtedly, An essential grooming-kit staple.

How often should horses be groomed?

That is a very important and necessary question. When it comes to how often should a horse be groomed, horses should be groomed at least once a day. However, features such as hoof-picking do not need to be done every day and should be completed every few days.


What brushes do you use to groom a horse?

The rapid expansion of the equestrian industry has come up with a lot of improvements and discoveries, from riding tools to horse tools. We are now witnessing countless brushes than ever before, just in case you are looking for what brushes one can use to groom the horse, there are many from different brands starting from Equerry to Shires.

To wind up, horse brushes are very necessary tools in keeping your horse fab and happy all the time. Giving them very serious importance is very essential in making your horse comfortable and neat. You should always get these products from people who know how this industry works. And guess who? Saddle Up & Ride.

Visit our store today and grab the best horse grooming brushes of your choice. Again, our price is very affordable that anyone can easily afford it.