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Fencing Accessories

From ground poles to retractable gate reels, rope and horse posts, we’ve got all the fencing accessories you need to build a whole electric fence from scratch, or to replace broken items. See our selection of essential items for creating an electric fence.

Fencing accessories, ground poles, gate reels, rope for electric fencing, electric horse fence posts

Electric fencing is an incredibly useful tool at the stables, letting you set up temporary grazing patches, protect certain areas, or keep horses away from weak permanent fencing. It delivers a short, sharp shock which educates horses to stay away from the fence. We stock all the fencing accessories you need to create a whole electric fence from scratch: horse posts to establish the boundaries of your fence; earth stakes, essential for the fence to deliver an effective shock; durable, non-stretch braided rope for electric fencing with mixed metal wires and 15-metre retractable gate reels with plastic handles and multi-directional mounting brackets. We’ve tried and tested all these Gallagher electric fencing accessories with our own herd of over 40 horses, so we know they are reliable, effective and durable.