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Equestrian Coats and Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof gear is crucial for horse riders to ensure safety, comfort, and temperature regulation during wet conditions. Top brands offering quality waterproof equestrian gear include Toggi, Anky, Aubrion, Mountain Horse, Just Chaps, Keela, and Ariat. Investing in these brands can significantly enhance the riding experience, even in unfavorable weather.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofs: Equestrian Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to Waterproofs: Equestrian Edition

Waterproof clothing is an essential component in any outdoor enthusiast's wardrobe, and this holds especially true for those who enjoy horse riding. Whether you're a novice rider, a seasoned equestrian, or someone who simply loves to be outdoors regardless of the weather, having the right waterproof gear can make all the difference. In this article, we'll delve into the world of waterproofs, with a special focus on equestrian needs, and explore some of the top brands that cater to this niche.

Why Waterproofs are Essential for Horse Riding

  1. Protection from the Elements: Whether it's a light drizzle or a heavy downpour, being wet can not only be uncomfortable but also risky when riding. A slippery saddle or damp clothing can increase the chance of accidents.
  2. Maintaining Core Temperature: Staying dry is essential to regulate body temperature, especially in cooler climates. Wet clothing can significantly reduce the body's insulation properties, leading to potential hypothermia.
  3. Durability in Rough Conditions: Horseback riding often means being out in fields, trails, and uneven terrains. Having durable waterproof clothing ensures that the garment doesn't easily tear or get damaged.

Top Brands in Waterproof Equestrian Gear

    1. Toggi

    : Renowned for their high-quality equestrian products, Toggi offers a range of waterproof jackets, trousers, and boots. Their products stand out for their durability and stylish designs, making them a favorite among riders.

    2. Anky

    : Known for merging fashion with function, Anky provides waterproof gear that is not just efficient but also elegant. Their range of breathable yet water-resistant jackets and coats are especially popular among dressage riders.

    3. Aubrion

    : If you're looking for contemporary designs without compromising on quality, Aubrion is the brand to consider. Their waterproof garments, such as the long parka coats, are both stylish and practical, ensuring riders look their best even in inclement weather.

    4. Mountain Horse

    : A brand with deep roots in equestrian sports, Mountain Horse offers an extensive range of waterproof boots and jackets. Their products are known for their high comfort levels and exceptional durability.

    5. Just Chaps

    : Specializing in chaps and gaiters, Just Chaps provides riders with waterproof solutions specifically tailored for the lower half of the body. Their range of waterproof chaps is ideal for those who ride in wet terrains frequently.

    6. Keela

    : While not exclusively an equestrian brand, Keela is known for its innovative waterproof technology. Their jackets and trousers, with the unique System Dual Protection, offer unparalleled protection against the harshest of weathers.

    7. Ariat

    : A powerhouse in the equestrian world, Ariat offers a wide range of waterproof footwear and clothing. Their products stand out for their advanced fabric technology, ensuring that riders remain dry and comfortable regardless of the weather.


Whether you're trotting through a gentle shower or galloping in a storm, having the right waterproof gear is essential for every equestrian enthusiast. Brands like Toggi, Anky, Aubrion, Mountain Horse, Just Chaps, Keela, and Ariat offer top-of-the-line products that ensure riders are well-equipped to face the elements. Investing in quality waterproofs not only ensures comfort and safety but also enhances the overall riding experience. So, the next time you're headed out for a ride, make sure you're geared up with the best waterproofs the market has to offer!