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Equestrian Coats & Waterproof Riding Jackets

Enjoy riding whatever the weather throws at you with a good pair of waterproofs. Check out our selection of waterproof jackets, trousers and long overcoats.

Riding Coats, Jackets & Trousers

So, do you want to know more about waterproof riding coats, jackets and trousers? You have come to the right place!

We at Saddle Up & Ride are best known for bringing the best and top quality products on the market.

This is not debatable.

When it comes to equestrian products like coats and jackets quality matters. Those who keep overlooking this aspect always end up disappointed. Let this not be you, please!

Everyone living in the British Isles has an intimate knowledge of rain and those of us who ride horses in Britain even more so. Alongside this cohabitation with rain comes a deep appreciation of waterproofs. There are five different types of precipitation: rain, snow, hail, freezing rain and sleet, but there are also at least a dozen categories of rain alone.

There’s drizzle, then there’s drizzle plus, there are showers that come out of the blue and stop as soon as you’ve put your waterproofs on, there’s rain that falls at the same steady, relentless pace all day long, there’s sideways rain, vertical rain, torrential rain and of course, there’s raining cats and dogs.

Leaving for a hack or hike without waterproofs requires a rare kind of confidence. A waterproof jacket and trousers, or a long waterproof coat that covers your thighs, should always be on your list of essentials – you only have to be caught without them once to never forget them again!

Thanks to modern textile advances equestrian coats and waterproof riding jackets now come as super-lightweight, breathable shells which pack down into small, easy-to-carry garments.

Also windproof, these are essential tools in the struggle against the elements. After all, as someone in your family is almost guaranteed to have said, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

Can you wear waterproof trousers horse riding?

Yes, you can… Why not? And listen waterproof trousers are the best for horseback riding since help you maintain grip in the saddle even when wet without forgetting to increase maximum comfortability due to the stirrup straps and an elastic panel which keeps you in control. You can now pick the one you like at our amazing store for the very best deal.

Best Waterproof Riding Jacket

Looking for the best waterproof riding jacket? The one that will maintain a sense of grip in the saddle even when it’s wet? You are in the right place. Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we have iconic riding jackets for you that you won’t find them elsewhere. Here are a few riding jackets that you will find in our store.

Toggi Lofty Down Jacket- An iconic, perfect in chilly weather, a must have component for every equestrian. Very well known for providing superior insulation and maximum comfort.

Ariat Stable Jacket-This Ariat Stable Jacket is perfect for cold, water and windy weather very effective in making you stay warm without being weighed down at the saddle or yard.

Keela Cairn Waterproof Jacket- Waterproof, breathable and flexible perfect for all weather keeping you comfortable and dry inside with maximum efficiency. Do you want to maximize your riding journey? This one is for you.

Waterproof Riding Trousers

After all, as someone in your family is almost guaranteed to have said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” Listen, Here at Saddle Up & Ride we stock a range of waterproof riding trousers by Just Chaps and Keela Rainlife 5000 Trousers so you’re covered whether you’re looking for a lightweight trousers combo or a long waterproof overcoat to keep you dry.

Keela specialises in outdoor gear and was founded on the East Coast of Scotland where its research team has been working on solutions to inner condensation in wet conditions since the 1990s.

<5>What do you wear horseback riding in the rain?

We are pretty sure now you have a whole idea of what you should wear when it comes to horseback riding in the rain. Having a nice combo of waterproof products such as Horse Riding Boots, Horse Riding Gloves, Riding Hats and Helmets and Riding trousers is how you win the entire game and put the odds in your favour.

Your ultimate goal should be picking the best product that will keep you dry, cool and comfortable even when it is wet. Whatever weather comes your way, make sure you stay warm and dry with a good set of waterproofs.