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Horse Riding Gloves

Get a grip with good gloves. Keep hardworking equestrian hands warm and protected with our selection of warm winter gloves and lightweight riding gloves.

Riding gloves, essential for grip and protection, vary across top brands. Just Chaps offers diverse materials and styles. Anky focuses on padded protection and sophisticated designs. Mark Todd exudes luxury with premium leather gloves and an ergonomic design, while Freerein Equipment emphasizes durability and practicality. Choosing the right pair depends on individual riding activities and personal preferences.

Horse Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves: A Perfect Blend of Comfort & Style

Riding Gloves: A Perfect Blend of Comfort & Style

Riding gloves play an integral role in ensuring the comfort and safety of equestrians. Apart from protection, they offer a grip that aids in effective control of the reins. In the world of equestrianism, choosing the right glove is not just about functionality; it's equally about making a style statement. This article delves deep into the world of riding gloves, specifically focusing on five renowned brands: Just Chaps, Woof Wear, Anky, Freerein Equipment, and Mark Todd.

The Essentiality of Comfort

A glove's primary function is to provide comfort. Riding gloves are crafted to ensure they fit snugly while allowing flexibility. They protect the rider's hands from blisters, chafing, and the elements, all while ensuring a steady grip. The material, design, and stitching are meticulously chosen to prevent any discomfort.

Marrying Comfort with Style

The equestrian world is as much about grace and style as it is about skill. Modern riding gloves are designed keeping this dual necessity in mind. The array of designs, colors, and materials available ensures riders can match their gloves with their riding outfits, making a cohesive and elegant statement.

Brand Highlights

Just Chaps:

Known for their durable designs, Just Chaps offers a range of gloves that strike the perfect balance between robustness and elegance. Their gloves often feature breathable materials, ensuring maximum comfort for the rider.

Woof Wear:

A pioneer in the world of equestrian gear, Woof Wear boasts of gloves that are as stylish as they are functional. Their precision fit ensures maximum comfort, and the unique designs ensure you stand out in any equestrian event.


Anky gloves are synonymous with luxury. Crafted with precision and made from premium materials, these gloves ensure both comfort and an opulent feel. The designs are chic and cater to the modern equestrian who's keen on making a statement.

Freerein Equipment:

For those who prioritize a natural feel, Freerein Equipment offers gloves that ensure a seamless connection between the rider and the reins. Their minimalistic design, paired with high-quality materials, ensures both comfort and style.

Mark Todd:

Mark Todd a renowned name in the equestrian world, offers gloves that reflect his deep understanding of the sport. The gloves are both functional and elegant, designed for both competitive riders and those riding for pleasure.


The right pair of riding gloves can significantly enhance the riding experience, providing comfort, enhancing grip, and adding a touch of style. Whether you opt for the luxury of Anky, the functionality of Woof Wear, or the legacy of Mark Todd, always choose gloves that cater to both your comfort and style preferences.