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Horse Clippers

Clipping your horse in the winter is essential if you want to engage in high-energy riding. Clipping is a skill that gets better with practice, but having a good pair of clippers is the first place to start! 

Clippers for horses & Horse Trimming Tools

Having the best clippers for your horse is simply non-negotiable when it comes to what should be included in your equestrian tool kit. Those who keep despising this equipment usually end up making their horses uncomfortable.

Nothing facilitates a clean sharing and overall maintenance of your horse coat like clippers. Preventing your horse into a stressful affair should always be a case. The sooner you understand this the better.

“Clippers for horses allow for a clean shearing because a coat that is too long can often be annoying. A proper full or partial shearing is therefore useful for many show horses, seniors and horses with metabolic problems, and is a real relief for them.” Suggests Horze in its article.

If you think about clipping a horse and about what you actually going to do, the horse has to be tolerant of the noise of the clipper and the feeling of the clipper on them

Why Would You Clip A Horse?

Clipping your horse once its winter coat has come through – usually around October – can be important for helping them maintain their body temperature while working during the winter months.

If your horse is working up a sweat, having a huge thick winter coat is going to mean they’ll either overheat and be unable to cool down, or spend too long wet and get cold.

While a great big fluffy coat is helpful during cold weather in the wild, when your horse is stabled or rugged during winter it stops being helpful and starts to become a hazard. This is the main reason to clip your horse, but there can be others too.

If a horse has Cushing’s disease it’ll be unable to shed its coat and end up too hairy and hot, even in the summer. Clipping has the useful side effect of making grooming during the winter much less of a chore.

Clipping also helps a horse’s summer coat to come through shinier, a bit like a trip to the hairdressers! We talked about it in Why Do English Riders Shave Their Horses

Horse Clippers For Sale

Looking for the bestHorse Clippers that will make your horse look fabulous? We got you covered! Here at Saddle Up & Ride, We offer a range of high-end Horse Clippers, including cabled and cable-free clippers. We love the horse clippers from the following brands.

Heiniger PROGRESS Horse Clipper: This Slim and ergonomic, weighing just 930g is a mains-powered clipper with a five-metre cable, easy to hold and use plus quiet running noise makes these clippers ideal for nervous horses.

Heiniger SAPHIRHORSE: Cordless, Weighs just 440g, Supplied with two batteries, Made in Switzerland these clippers are so much cool allowing you to continue working as long as you want to. They are very efficient to the point of allowing you to clip all day.

Heiniger Xplorer: Slimline lightweight body, Up to two hours cordless plus a 3-year guarantee this is hands down the top cordless clippers available on the market. The cordless design and exceptionally quiet operating noise reduce stress for your horse.

Heiniger Saphir Cordless Clipper: Compatible with all standard A5 blades together with a Lithium-ionic battery these clippers give Fabolous convenience and freedom being cordless and quiet running they help make clipping as tension-free as possible.

Is it time to practice your hairdressing skills on your horse? Quit sitting on the sidelines, visit our store and pick the best horse clippers of your choice for more amazing results. Guaranteed!