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TechStirrups are a leading stirrup company for riders in all disciplines from joy riders to top athletes. Their goal is to honour the equestrian field by providing the best stirrup line combining superb technology and attractive design.

Founded by Italy-based engineer and avid horse enthusiast, Mr. Enrico De Martino, Tech Stirrups brings a unique perspective to the design and functionality of stirrups. The company's driving philosophy is to merge technical advancements with ergonomic considerations, addressing the nuanced demands of riders across disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, eventing, and endurance riding.

We also stock Flex On.

Tech Stirrup: Innovative Stirrup Line

TechStirrup's are made in Italy, the entire manufacturing process is inside of their facilities this ensure's maximum quality by testing their products continuously. This makes Tech Stirrups a well trusted product and you can purchase with peace of mind. Each stirrup has its own technical feature to give you the rider the most suitable choice.

Key Features

  1. Material: The brand has masterfully harnessed modern materials and manufacturing techniques to create a range of stirrups that seamlessly combine lightweight design with uncompromising durability. The use of aerospace-grade aluminum, titanium, and innovative coatings results in stirrups that not only offer enhanced performance but also deliver a heightened sense of security for riders.
  2. Design: One of Tech Stirrups' most remarkable contributions to rider safety is the incorporation of advanced safety mechanisms into their designs. The Tech Stirrups Venice Evo revolutionary "quick-release" mechanism, found in some of their stirrup models, ensures that the foot will easily detach in case of an accident, mitigating the risk of entanglement and potential injury.
  3. Comfort: Tech Stirrup and FlexOn caters to riders of all levels, from enthusiasts seeking enhanced comfort during leisurely rides to top-tier athletes competing on the global stage. Their stirrups are thoughtfully designed to optimize the rider's position, promote effective communication with the horse, and reduce strain on joints and muscles during prolonged periods of riding.
  4. Sustainable: TechStirrup have made sure to only use metal, which is a non-polluting material. When buying TechStirrup we can have peace of mind that we are not harming the enviroment but still being on trend with the best technical designs on the market.

Tech Stirrups has managed to stand out as a beacon of innovation, safety, and sophistication. Their meticulous attention to detail, dedication to rider well-being, and integration of technological advancements have elevated them to a position of prominence. The TechStirrup brand belongs to GM PRODUCTION srl, a leading manufacturing company working in the field of mechanics, sports and design. Shop the TechStirrup line to be sure you are getting the best on the market sporting equipment.