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Nylon bridles, breastplates and riding tack from Wintec, a trusted brand and popular synthetic saddle maker that produces high quality and durable equestrian gear.

Winning Wintec horse tack

High-tech equestrian equipment

Wintec has long been one of the world’s leading brands of synthetic saddles, and their other equestrian equipment is nothing to sneeze at either. They are known for their lightweight, high-tech materials and their ecologically friendly manufacturing processes, so you know you’ll be getting a great product that you can feel good about owning. They offer ‘specialist conformation’ lines for high wither and wider horses, as well. Whether you want a responsibly-made synthetic dressage saddle or a comfortable, durable all-rounder, Wintec has something to offer. These saddles are even waterproof, and can be used in both fresh and salt water. Better still, Wintec offers a 2 year materials and workmanship guarantee, and a 10 year guarantee for breakage in the tree.

Wintec horse bridles and breastplates

A few of our favourite Wintec products include their Webbers stirrup ‘leathers’. These are made of a single strip of composite synthetic material offering the strength and durability of nylon webbing with the look and feel of classic leather. The unique T-bar fixing allows closer contact with the horse and all but eliminates stirrup pinching. They are even easy to adjust from the saddle, something traditional materials can rarely offer. Lightweight and durable breastplates and comfortable bridles use the same material for the ultimate easy cleaning.

Horse tack, saddles and equestrian gear

Why are we so up on Wintec riding tack and saddles? There are as many reasons as there are riders. Some are simply looking for the best equestrian gear on offer. Others are attracted by Wintec’s revolutionary, uncompromising new materials and manufacturing processes. Some are looking for a tack made without animal products which nevertheless offers the same performance ‘classic’ leather gear provides. Wintec offers it all.