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Fencing Energisers

Electric fencing is a game changer, allowing you to set up small paddocks and move them, or keep horses away from weak fencing. Fencing energisers are the portable batteries that electrify your rope and they come in a range of power capacities – check out our selection.

Fencing energizers, batteries for electric fences, solar batteries for electric fencing

Electric fencing is an incredibly useful modern tool for equestrians. It allows you to set up temporary paddocks quickly and easily, create strip grazing and keep pushy horses away from expensive post and rail fencing. Whatever you need it for, fencing energizers are the beating heart of your electric fence. These boxes come in three different forms – AC fencing energizers, which plug directly into mains electricity; DC fencing energizers which are portable and suitable for setting up fences away from power sources and solar-powered energizers, similar to DC and utilizing the sun’s energy. The kind you’ll want depends on how large your fence needs to be and whether you’re able to plug into a power source. Our selection of fencing energizers from Gallagher cover a range of fencing needs, from 1km to 9km of fencing. These energizers are incredibly tough and durable, easy to move and install, plus they come with a seven year warranty.