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Hi-Vis clothing is essential for the safety of horses and riders, especially in low-light conditions. The article highlights the significance of such gear, featuring products from renowned brands Shires and HY. It emphasizes the role of Hi-Vis in enhancing visibility and reducing accident risks, while offering advice on choosing the right gear for different equestrian activities.


Hi-Vis Clothing for Horse and Rider Safety

Hi-Vis Clothing for Horse and Rider Safety


Hi-Vis clothing, recognized for its highly reflective and brightly colored design, is an essential safety gear in various industries. In the world of equestrian activities, its importance cannot be overstated. This article delves into the significance of Hi-Vis wear for both horse and rider, highlighting key features and showcasing prominent brands like Shires and HY .

The Importance of Hi-Vis for Horse and Rider

Hi-Vis clothing plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility, especially in low-light conditions or busy environments. For riders and horses, this can be the difference between safety and an unfortunate incident. Whether riding along roadsides, in areas shared with other outdoor enthusiasts, or during inclement weather, Hi-Vis gear ensures both the horse and rider are easily seen by others, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Hi-Vis Clothing Features

Hi-Vis clothing for equestrian use typically includes jackets, vests , and leg bands for riders, and blankets, fly veils, leg wraps and tail wraps for horses. These items are often made from fluorescent materials with reflective stripes, ensuring visibility even from a distance. They are designed for comfort, durability, and weather resistance, catering to the unique demands of equestrian activities.

Brand Spotlight: Shires

Shires, a renowned brand in the equestrian world, offers a range of Hi-Vis gear. Products like the Shires Hi-Vis Jacket and the Hi-Vis Saddlecloth are designed with both visibility and comfort in mind. These items not only meet safety standards but also provide a stylish look and durable performance.

Brand Spotlight: HY

HY is another prominent brand that offers innovative Hi-Vis solutions for equestrian safety. Their range includes items like the HY Reflective Rider Vest and the HY Reflective Horse Leg Bands. Known for blending functionality with design, HY's products are a popular choice among riders seeking both safety and style.

Choosing the Right Hi-Vis Gear

Selecting the right Hi-Vis gear involves considering factors like the type of riding, the environment, and the fit for both horse and rider. It's essential to ensure that the gear does not restrict movement and is appropriate for the weather conditions. Regular maintenance and care of Hi-Vis clothing are also vital to retain its visibility features.


In conclusion, Hi-Vis wear is an indispensable part of equestrian safety. Brands like Shires and HY offer a range of products that cater to the needs of safety-conscious riders. By choosing the right Hi-Vis gear, riders can significantly enhance their visibility, thereby contributing to a safer riding experience for themselves and their horses.