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Hat Accessories

Looking for a riding hat bag, or a new hat silk? We’ve got a range of riding hat accessories, from hat liners to crash detectors so you can maintain your hat well, look after your own safety to the highest degree, and ride in style.

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Your riding hat is one of the most important bits of kit you own. It’s got to look great, fit perfectly and be treated like the crucial, expensive item it is – with care and respect. We stock all the extra bits and pieces you need to look after your riding helmet, so it can look after you. Your riding hat is the most obvious thing you wear, so it needs to be tailored to your personal style. Choose a hat silk that matches your competing colours, or your outfit for a certain equestrian event. Maybe you want to get rid of the dreaded hat smell before a new season, or refresh a worn hat? We’ve got hat liners to help you renew the inside of your helmet. We also sell hat bags, so you can give your riding hat the comfortable home and luxury transportation it deserves, keeping it clean and protected between rides. What else might your hat need? How about a motion-sensor crash detector? These potentially life-saving gadgets include a sensor that can detect when you’ve crashed, sending a message to your emergency contacts, alerting them of your sticky situation and your precise location. Its alarm facility can also make contact with nearby rescue services, making these gadgets indispensable not only on horseback, but when you’re doing any intrepid exploration.