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Fly Veils

Help your horse overcome annoying flies and insects in the summer months. Our selection of fly veils for horses stop any injury and irritation from insect bites and reduce stress caused by buzzing, biting insects.

Fly veils, fly hats for horses, ear covers for horses, ear bonnets

Just like humans, some horses get really bothered by flies. Fly veils help to keep annoying flies and insects off your horse’s ears, helping them to relax and concentrate. Typically worn while riding, these ear covers can help with head shaking that originates in irritation from flies. They can also help in stopping cuts and wounds on the ears getting infected or worsening, as well as avoiding any bites from insects. We’ve chosen fly veils made from soft fabric and without seams to avoid any rubbing or irritation at pressure points. We stock the Woof Wear Ergonomic Fly Veil which is also compatible with anatomically designed bridles. Also known as fly hats or ear bonnets, they not only look cute, but help your horse feel much more comfortable during the summer.