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Horse Riding Boots

Our range of riding boots includes long elegant field boots, short smart paddock boots and everything in between. Whether you're competing or hacking out, we've got the shoe for you.

Mountain Horse

Horse riding boots

Where do we even start? Okay, well let’s start off by saying this. Your horseback riding journey won’t be completed and meaningful without having the proper horse riding boots. This is not debatable.

When it comes to horseback riding activities you can’t underestimate the power of quality riding boots. Its importance is like oxygen to plants and animals.

In the first place, horse riding boots aim at easily enhancing the great connection between the horse and rider and making the entire process safe and effective.

And to make it more clear, we have two major types of riding boots: The Long riding & Short riding boots.

Both  long and tall boots require a heel around one inch to stop the boot from sliding through the stirrup irons, with the sole usually only lightly textured to avoid too much grip on the stirrup treads.

So what type of riding boots should you go for? Well, It all depends on the kind of riding you’re involved in, whether you’re going to be competing or showing and simply your own style preference.

The Long Riding Boots: These boots are ideal for jump work when the stirrups are higher because the laces at the vamp of the shoe provide extra flexibility at the ankle.

In our store, we have different types of long riding boots such as Ariat Bufford, Mountain Horse Aurora Tall Boots, Shires Moretta Bella Country Boot and more. These boots look fab, feel comfortable and keep you dry whatever the weather throws at you.

The Short Riding Boots: These types are ideal in warmer weather and give beginners more flexibility while they are learning to use their legs.

Riders who are not competing can use short boots like the mountain horse classic boot when on horseback; hiking the hills and pottering around the yard. In our store, we have different types of long riding boots such as; Ariat Telluride, Mountain Rider Classic Boots and Ariat Terrain H20.

Best Horse Riding Boots

When it comes to the best horse riding boots there is no better place you can find them in plenty than here in our store.

Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we stock a wide range of quality Riding Hats, Riding Gloves and Riding boots, from top manufacturers like Mountain Rider, Moretta, Mountain Horse and Shires.

And guess what? Our pricing structure is very affordable.

Our horse riding boots possess all the quality components a boot needs to have in order to make the horseback riding activity effective with very minimal risks. This is what makes us special in the market. Successfully saved hundreds of customers so far.

Tips on How To Fit Your Riding Boots

Find your perfect shoe size to avoid unnecessary disturbances. Determine your leg height (Make at the back of your leg from the floor to get the size you need). Measure your calf width. Now try your riding boots.

The Need For a Horse Riding Boots

Listen. Your boots must have a ¼ inches heel. And it needs to have a strong toe cap that really protects your toes. And lastly, you want to have a boot that will perfectly fit your toes, this is very important when it comes to the best horse riding boots.

Besides that, the urge to constantly learn how to make your horseback riding game better is very essential. You have to update yourself with better and quality information every now and then.

“The rider has to want to learn, truly and honestly, without making excuses, without blaming the horse, the saddle, the bit, the footing, the boots, the breeches, the farrier, the vet, or whatever.

The desire to learn must be greater than anything else, pride, ego, everything. It comes to the question of how important it is to the rider to really learn to ride, and how far he/she wants to go in his/her riding”

(Thomas Ritter)

Horse Riding Boots For Sale

Listen. Whether you’re competing or hacking out, we’ve got the shoe for you. Our range of riding boots includes long elegant field boots, short smart paddock boots and everything in between.

In our amazing store, We stock a wide range of riding boots, from top manufacturers like Mountain Rider,Moretta, Mountain Horse and Shires. All you have to do is to tap in and choose what’s best for you at a very reasonable price. You can afford it!


When it comes to horse riding boots you always need to pay close attention. Picking the wrong boots will dismantle your entire horseback riding campaign from the very start while picking the right ones will maximize your performance and easily enhance the great connection between the horse and you.

As always, a better connection comes from the right pick. Get the best quality riding boots from our amazing store now.