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Top quality salt licks for horses. Essential for summer, and for use year round. Give your horse the vitamins and minerals they need, without hassle!

Rockies Mineralised Salt Licks

Tithebarn quality salt licks

Tithebarn is a family owned business set in the heart of Chesire. With over 80 years of experience producing high quality salt licks. With rockies salt licks made in Chesire which naturally produces some of the World's purest salt you can have peace of mind you are buying the best salt lick on the market.

Keeping up with changing farming needs

Tithebarn takes the time out to explore their neighbouring farms and livestocks. They can also speak from first-hand experience when advising on the performance and benefits of Rockies products. This makes Tithebarn a leader in salt processing and production technologies.

Quality and integrity

Rockies don’t just deliver salt well, but also deliver exactly the right combination of minerals and vitamins needed by your horse or livestock. This family owned business, four generations worth give a constant commitment to giving us the best products to ensure we have happy healthy horses.