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Charles Owen

We’re the best riding shop for choosing a new Charles Owen riding helmet. There’s a huge range of options and styles like jockey skulls and peaked helmets. We’re on hand to help with expert advice.

Charles Owen riding helmets and safety gear

Safety-first riding equipment

Since 1911, the equestrian brand Charles Owen has been producing riding products from everyday accessories and clothing to professional-level riding equipment used by athletes in the field. The brand was created by Charles Owen himself, who was looking for a way to achieve higher safety standards in horse riding, undoubtedly a goal that he managed to achieve. The family-run company keeps his passion for safety going to this day by producing quality equestrian gear using new designs and materials for the modern rider.

Charles Owen riding helmets

Charles Owen helmets have a strong, long-lasting reputation and a stamp of safety and quality that is not easy to find in other brands. This family business is now a globally recognized equestrian brand used by savvy everyday riders as well as competition-level and professional equestrians. Peaked helmets, jockey skulls and useful extras like replacement headbands are available in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials to suit every type of rider. Charles Owen also has a good selection of high-quality body protectors which will give you a unique level of security.

Comfortable body protectors

Something that we love about Charles Owen is that they not only focus on producing great safety products for riding like helmets and body protectors that meet regulation standards and include extra ventilation and padding features for superior comfort, but they have a really broad range of products to suit different riding styles. You can choose from high and low profile helmets in a variety of colours and materials including a vegan leather riding hat.