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Horse Boots

Horses are notoriously good at getting themselves injured. Luckily horse boots help protect their legs so you don’t have to worry about cuts, damage or trauma.

horse boots

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When considering the daily safety of your horse, boots are one of the first things that should come to mind. All horsey people know how delicate those powerful legs can be and just how easily horses can get themselves into trouble. It’s especially true when working at faster paces, jumping, or when in transit. We all also know how expensive vets bills are, so investing in a good pair of protective horse boots pays off in the long run!

And allow us to tell you something special, at Saddle Up & Ride we have equine boots for every occasion out there, but which ones you’ll need depends on your horse and its habits, as well as the kind of work you do together. Just like humans, horses come in all shapes and sizes.

A horse’s conformation and breed contribute to whether they’re prone to brushing their feet together – knocking the opposite leg with their hoof – and causing themselves injury. Many horse owners use brushing boots for general protection while riding, especially to ensure the splint bone isn’t injured, a common weak spot for our four-legged friends.

Should Horse Wear Boots?

Every time we see someone trying to give equestrian advice online telling people they should really not take into consideration equipping their horses with boots we end up shaking our heads at how backwards that advice is. Mate, wearing boots for a horse should be a non-negotiable matter. It’s more than necessary.

Horse boots are for protection and support, neglecting them is like trying to cross a powerful river without any precaution. We have said it before and we will say it again, Horses’ legs are very delicate avoiding better boots is drifting them into serious trouble. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this. It’s crystal clear

Should horses wear boots? YES. Should horse riders consider the quality of boots when picking? YES. Where is the best place for those horse boots? Here at Saddle Up & Ride. How? Stay tuned.

What is the best brand for Horse boots?

The best brand for horse boots? There are many, to be honest but here at Saddle Up & Ride, we will bring to you the very best and top ones. We are going to connect with you the brands that highly consider the quality and security of your horse. The brand that produces boots that are put into account the safety and support of your horse legs and not just a product. Are you ready for that? Here is what we have got in our iconic store.

Okay, well to keep the long story short we have the Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot and Woof Wear Pro Overreach Boot.

Why is Saddle Up & Ride best for Horse boots?

The fact is very straight, Our href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">horse bootsare usually made of neoprene which is breathable and pliable, they’re a close relative of tendon boots and fetlock boots. These comprise harder materials and are used while jumping to protect the different parts of the lower legs from more serious impacts.

Also, we have quality Overreach boots, which is also known as bell boots because of their shape, offer you safety measure while exercising. Again you will find Travel boots for horses which are ideal to protect your horse while they’re in transit. These boots are long and padded, reaching all the way from the hock to the fetlock, usually with a soft inner lining and a waterproof outer shell.

Other horse boots on market include stable boots, turnout boots and medicinal boots. Your horse could end up with a more extensive collection of boots than you!

As our mission statement says, Make riding better by providing high quality, functional and fun horse riding equipment and apparel, once you visit at our store today you will get everything you need including quality Horse boots,

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