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Neue Schule

Neue Schule equestrian bits are a renowned brand of horse bits that have gained significant recognition and popularity among riders and trainers worldwide. Founded by Heather Hyde in the late 1990s, Neue Schule has revolutionized the design and functionality of bits, offering innovative solutions that prioritize the comfort and communication between horse and rider.


Neue Schule products bring unique and innovative designs to horse bits and mouthpieces. Whatever your horses’ needs or requirements, you’ll find the right equestrian gear here.

We also stock Shire's bits.


Neue Schule: Specialist Bits

Neue Schule was founded by Heather Hyde and started out as one of the first horse bit rental companies in the UK in the 1990s. The company started out dealing exclusively in different horse mouthpieces and over time this began to evolve to a growing range of horse riding products. Heather was looking for new designs to give horse riders the best quality horse bits, that is why the name of the brand means "New School"; and with this philosophy, they dominated the world of horse bits from the 2000s onwards.

Key Features

  1. Design: Neue Schule products bring unique and innovative designs, but without losing any sense of elegance and style. The design of each of the horse mouthpieces takes into account the comfort and safety of the horse as well as focusing on how to generate better performance.
  2. Specialised: In addition to the typical horse bits, you will also find specific designs for novice riders, riders looking for assistance with directional control, specialised horse bits for show jumping, and mouthpieces for all breeds of horses and ponies.
  3. Material: Neue Schule bits are also renowned for their attention to detail and craftsmanship. The bits are expertly crafted using high-quality materials, such as Salox Gold, a unique alloy that combines warmth and strength, promoting acceptance and durability. The precision engineering and meticulous finishing ensure that each bit is comfortable, reliable, and built to withstand the demands of regular use.

Neue Schule bits and Shire's bits are used all over the world and are chosen brands by the most experienced riders. Something that we love about this brand is that it works together with bit and bridle specialists, guaranteeing that each of its products is safe, comfortable and effective for horses, while working to achieve the specific results of each unique design.