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Shapley's is renowned in the equestrian world for its superior line of grooming products tailored to enhance equine health and aesthetics. Their offerings, ranging from coat enhancers to hoof care essentials, embody their deep understanding and dedication to horse welfare, reflecting decades of experience in equine care.

Their iconic product, the Original M-T-G, exemplifies Shapley's commitment to multifunctional solutions, delivering unparalleled results in managing skin conditions. Shapley's has effectively set a high standard in the equestrian grooming market, trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike for their quality products.

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About Shapley's

Shapley's: A Leader in Equestrian Care

Shapeley's is a prominent name in the equestrian world, highly respected for their comprehensive line of top-tier grooming products including the Colour Enhancing Shampoo White and the Colour Enhancing Shampoo Black that focus on enhancing both the aesthetics and health of horses. With a product range that spans coat enhancers, mane and tail treatments, to hoof care essentials, Shapley's offers a holistic approach to equine care. Their commitment to quality and efficacy has earned them a distinguished position in the horse care market, and their decades of experience and knowledge are visible in every product they craft.

The Shapley's Philosophy

Shapeley's was established with a simple but profound vision: to offer high-quality, effective grooming solutions for horses. They believe that a horse's well-being and appearance are intertwined, and their products reflect this philosophy. Every item in their lineup is designed to not only make horses look better but also feel better, whether it's a Shampoo or Spray to impart a glossy sheen to the coat or a treatment to soothe and repair dry, cracked hooves.

The Iconic Original M-T-G

Perhaps the most iconic product in Shapley's lineup is the Original M-T-G. This versatile solution is trusted by horse owners and professionals worldwide for its efficacy in managing a variety of skin conditions. It works on many fronts – promoting hair growth, treating fungal and bacterial infections, and offering a quick remedy for skin conditions like rain rot, girth itch, and scratches. Its ability to deliver impressive results across multiple use cases is a testament to Shapley's commitment to multifunctional and practical solutions for horse care.

Quality Ingredients and Dedication to Community

One of Shapley's standout traits is their dedication to using high-quality ingredients in their products. They understand that the quality of each component in their products directly impacts the overall effectiveness and safety. By maintaining rigorous quality control measures and constantly seeking to improve and innovate, Shapley's has managed to stay at the forefront of the equestrian grooming industry.

Shapley's reputation extends far beyond the product level, thanks to their commitment to the equestrian community. They are known for their support of various horse shows, equestrian events, and equine rescue and rehabilitation organizations. This engagement not only illustrates their passion for the equestrian world but also cements their place as a brand that genuinely cares about the welfare and future of the sport and its stars: the horses.

Education and Customer Satisfaction

Education is another area where Shapley's excels. They offer resources to horse owners and enthusiasts, sharing knowledge on the proper application of their products, as well as general tips for maintaining horse health and grooming. This focus on education ensures that users can maximize the benefits of their products and supports Shapley's mission of promoting horse well-being.

The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction also sets it apart. They offer excellent customer service, readily providing advice and guidance to their clients, and are quick to address any issues or concerns. This level of service underlines their dedication to their customers and their confidence in their product range.


In the equestrian world, Shapley's is synonymous with high standards, quality, and dedication. The brand's history and continued success in the market are testament to their unfaltering dedication to equine welfare and their commitment to delivering top-quality grooming products. Whether it's a professional horse trainer looking for reliable solutions, a show participant needing products that will make their horse shine, or a horse owner simply wanting the best care for their equine friend, Shapley's continues to deliver on all fronts.