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For 83 years, horse people have put their trust in Shapley's horse products. Shapley's is woman owned and based in Florida with all manufacturing and bottling done within the US. Shop their top quality shampoos with us at Saddle Up and Ride.

Shapley's Equine Grooming Products

Shapley's superior shampoo's

Shapley's was founded by a barber in 1938 Florida, US. Shapley's begain with their initial product - Original M-T-G to treat human skin conditions which proved to be nothing short of mircaulous for human and horse skin issues. Shapley's has therefore beome a trusted and well love product throughout the horse loving community.

Vet recommended products

Shop with Shapley's and know you can have peace of mind with what you are using on your horse's skin as Shapley products are well tested, proven and vet recommended. The vet recommendations go as far as to say Shapley's is the only solution needed for a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems.

'Top pick' EquiTone shampoos

Shop the EquiTone shampoos here at Saddle Up and Ride which were voted the ‘Top Pick’ for color enhancement by the esteemed Horse Journal Magazine. The EquiTone Shampoo is a one step premium shampoo and conditioner that adds rich, brilliant color as it cleans and conditions your horse. EquiTone enriches the natural colour of your horse. The Whitening shampoo adds a sparkling brightness to all coat colors as well as getting rid of those mucky stains.