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Horse Girth

You know it’s an essential bit of kit when you’d be on the ground without it! Check out our range of top-quality, functional girths and girth sleeves.

Horse Girths | Girth Sleeves

Keeping your entire saddle in check has never been easier. Horse girth has really levelled up the playing field. With it everything in the saddle ticks and stays in proper perspective. What a time to be alive!

Let’s get this straight, Girths are important to get right. If your horse is pinched or rubbed by a sub-standard girth, they’re not going to be happy and their performance will suffer. This is not even up for debate.

Girth guards, or sleeves, can also be incredibly helpful in the struggle against girth galls and girth rubs.

How does the girth affect saddle fit and horse's joint and muscle mobility?

If the girth is too close to the horse’s elbow, you are restricting the scapula from swinging. And if the girth is too close to the elbow on the other side, you do not allow that leg to come back while the other leg is going forward.

So a rule of thumb is a hand’s width between the elbow and the girth.

And the other thing is, don’t overtighten. Ideally, put your hands between the girth and the side of the horse and just pull. And you get a little bit of resistance, It’s not like bags of room where it is too loose and it is not like suffocating the horse so they can’t breathe.

“Always make sure your girth is tight enough to safely ride, but not so tight that it is causing your horse discomfort.” Says Kate Ballard Professional Saddle Fitter and member of the Society of Master Saddlers

How do I know what size girth to get for my horse?

As regards how to determine your cinch size: According to the 5-Star Equine Product, one has to do the following…

“Measure your horse from the centre of the underside of his chest in the girth area. Bring the tape up to just below the widest part of his ribcage (about 4" above and behind the elbow). Multiply this measurement by two and you will have a good idea of what size cinch your horse needs.”

How much does a horse girth cost?

We constant get asked this a lot, but here at the Saddle Up & Ride, we have affordable rates that anyone can afford. Our prices range from E19 to E36. We use and promote girths made from durable, technical materials that are proven to wick away sweat, keeping your horse dry and helping to prevent chafing.

Most comfortable girths for horses

When it comes to the most comfortable girths for horses here at the Saddle Up & Ride we know what is best for you. In our store, we have the most iconic girth sleeves that you won’t find them elsewhere on the planet. Guaranteed. Curious to know them? Say no more, here is what we have got for you.

Shires Web Girth Brown or Black: Extra features include durable anti-rust metal fittings and roller buckles for easy adjustment and girthing, Shires Web Girth is a great general-purpose girth made from cushioned and breathable material to keep your horse comfortable, dry and happy during exercise.

Freerein Equipment Secondary Girth: An iconic girth, Machine washable and Hand-made in Wales exclusively for Freerein Equipment, this clip is included in the Expedition Saddle Bags.

Black Griffin NuuMed Girth Sleeve: British wool girth sleeve, 100% biodegradable, these luxurious girth sleeves are 100% great for your horse's skin and the environment too.

Quit sitting on the sidelines, get involved, go into our store and pick the horse girth of your choice for an amazing riding journey. We are the best in the business!