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Leovet is a distinguished brand recognized for its superior equestrian care products. Since its inception, the brand's commitment to maintaining the health and vitality of horses has been exemplary, leading to a broad range of solutions from hoof care to coat treatments.

The brand's offerings are grounded in rigorous research, employing only high-quality, natural ingredients. These products, such as their popular hoof balm and mane detangler, are trusted by equestrians worldwide, embodying Leovet's mission to enhance equine well-being.

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About Leovet

Leovet: An Icon in Equine Care

Leovet, a reputable and beloved equestrian brand, has been dedicated to enhancing horse care since its foundation. Born in Germany, the brand reflects a commitment to the high quality and standard of craftsmanship for which the country is known. While its offerings range from grooming products to health supplements, Leovet is celebrated for its impressive line of horse care products that prioritize both effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

Founded by Dr. Ulf Jacoby, a passionate horseman and biochemist, in 1982, Leovet established its position based on a clear understanding of equine physiology and health needs. Jacoby, leveraging his extensive knowledge and insights from both fields, set out to produce products that genuinely care for horses' well-being. He sought to do this while also reducing the use of chemicals, driving towards more natural formulations that are kinder to the horse and the environment.

Leovet's product line is an extensive showcase of the brand's commitment to these principles. It ranges from hoof care products that help maintain and improve horses' hoof health, to detangling sprays that enhance the appearance and manageability of horsehair. Leovet's flagship product, "5-star Detangler", has received rave reviews for its remarkable effectiveness in detangling and shining manes and tails, embodying the brand's dedication to high-quality, practical products.

In the realm of health supplements, Leovet delivers a series of products targeting different areas of equine health. From immune system boosters to digestive aid supplements, the brand has a holistic view of equine well-being. Its Power Phaser, a durable, highly effective insect repellent, has been particularly appreciated by horse owners for providing long-lasting protection for their horses.

One aspect that sets Leovet apart from many other equine brands is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The brand continually strives to improve its products' environmental impact, choosing ingredients that are not only gentle on horses' sensitive skin but also friendly to the planet. Leovet has made clear efforts to reduce its packaging waste and make its containers recyclable, reinforcing its sustainable approach.

The brand's devotion to quality and innovation has fostered an increasing trust among horse owners worldwide. Leovet products are found in the stables of professional equestrians and casual horse owners alike, making the brand a global presence in the equine industry.

In summary, Leovet is a brand synonymous with meticulous research, a keen understanding of equine needs, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. It stands out in the equine care market for its devotion to both the health of horses and the health of the planet. The brand's ethos and innovative product range have cemented its place in the hearts of horse enthusiasts worldwide. Even as it grows and expands, Leovet retains its core principles, ensuring that its mission to provide high-quality, eco-friendly horse care remains undiluted.