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Horse Riding Body Protector

As with many equestrian products Body Protectors come in a variety of different styles and sizes to suit all needs and requirements, body protectors are designed to offer protection to the rider if falling off, being kicked or trodden on by a horse. 

Body Protectors

The horseback riding game has existed for ages now and will still exist for so many years to come, and one thing that we can really assure you is this, some things will always stay the same, would you like to know them? (Safety equipment).

Things like the horse riding body protector will always be up there with the very best when it comes to horseback riding. Having a solid session with maximum safety should always be a non-negotiable thing. Body Protector apart from a fashion sense are also very crucial in preventing injuries.

Every time we see mates trying to give riding advice online telling people they need to not too much consider about wearing a body protector, we end up shaking our heads at how backwards that advice is.

Mate, listen very carefully, trying to do horseback riding without a horse riding protector is like trying to cross a very powerful river without any precaution. RISKY.

Body Protectors cannot prevent injury in every situation but they can reduce the risk of severe injury by up to 56% and aid in the chances of staying alive dependent on the type of injury.

When choosing a Body Protector you have to consider the type of riding you will be using it for, and if required a specific safety level for a discipline, as for fit this is very much a personal choice ensuring that you are comfortable and have the mobility needed to allow you to participate in your chosen activity.

It is recommended that Body protectors are replaced every 3-5 years as after this period of time the foam can start to degrade which will reduce the protection offered by the Body Protector.

Guide To Body Protectors

According to the British Equestrian Trade Association a body protector should be a compulsory tool in your horseback riding tool kit and here are a few guides to horse riding body protectors.

The body protector should fit you comfortably and offer the rider enough freedom of movement.

Wear it, zip it up and when you zip it up make sure the end of the zip is pointing downward and, then close it with the front section.

The next important step is to check the body length (The front should not come down too far)

Another important step is to check the back length. It has to not be too long to the point of interfering your moving correctly from the saddle.

The next thing is snagging it up from the waist. So as to make sure is nicely tightened up from the waist. The goal here is to give you the perfect fit.d

Best Horse Riding Body Protector

Looking for the best horse riding body protector that will easily maximize your horseback riding and reduce the risk of injuries? If you said yes, then this pace is ideal for you.

Here at Saddle Up & Ride we have the best body protector products for you that you won’t found them elsewhere. All you have to do is to sit back and pick what you want from our store, and the good thing is they are all affordable

Here is what we got for you:

Racesafe ProVent 3.0 Body Protector - Adults: This Iconic Body Protector has been designed to fit all shapes and sizes. With the maximum capability of offering maximum protection at all times. Get yours fitted by our highly trained team!

Racesafe ProVent 3.0 Body Protector - Childs: This one is amazing too, with Heat generated while riding released via the perforated protection & breathable net outer allowing you to stay cool in the saddle. It gives you maximum protection all day long.

Champion TI22 Body Protector: This iconic horse riding body protector is made up of military-grade outer mesh with super lightweight and other quality materials. Its ventilation system always keeps you cool and comfortable.

Horse Riding Body Protector Adults

In case you were wondering whether we have the best riding protector for you as an adult in our store, just know this, we have plenty. From the Racesafe Provent 3.0 body protector up to the Champion TI22 Body protector. All you have to do is to pick what is suitable for you on our different product pages.


Curious to know how much you can get these iconic products? Okay, well our price levels are too friendly for everyone. Our products range from E160 to E260. I repeat, we have theBest Products you won’t find them elsewhere.

To Wind Up:

At Saddle Up & Ride our major goal is to make sure each one of you has a safe riding journey and looks stylish whenever he/she appears and this is why we have dedicated our entire time and energy to providing the best products ranging from Horse Boots,Lead ropes andHorse Grooming Brushes

Grab your best horse-riding body protector at our store now and enjoy the ride.