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Chosen by some of the best British riders competing at the highest level, Gatehouse riding hats and jockey skulls are the best choice for the discerning horse rider.

With a range of products that cater to different riding styles and disciplines, Gatehouse riding hats are known for their innovative features, including the Airflow system and unique helmet liner, which ensure maximum protection and comfort. Additionally, the brand's focus on fit and adjustability means that each rider can find a hat that fits perfectly, providing a secure and comfortable ride. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and style, Gatehouse riding hats are a popular choice for equestrians worldwide.

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Gatehouse: Riding Helmets

Gatehouse is a trusted brand that is dedicated to producing all kinds of riding hats for equestrians of all levels. Gatehouse products are recognized by the British Standards Institute, giving it a quality badge that is trusted by all horse riders. For years this company has accompanied the best equestrian athletes in Great Britain, being chosen by some of the most recognized stars such as Will Fletcher and Laura Collet. It's no surprise that equestrian champions like this have used the Gatehouse riding hats as they offer unique designs and security backed by the latest safety technology.

Key Features

  1. Variety: Gatehouse offers a wide variety of riding hats, so you can be sure that you will be able to get a hat to suit whatever you are looking for even if you are simply riding horses for pleasure. Of course, they also have hats for competitors at the highest level, including British rider Laura Collet who shone at the most recent Olympics. Among their products that stand out are the peaked riding hats and jockey skulls, being some of the best sellers on the market.
  2. Safety: One of the standout features of Gatehouse riding hats is their focus on safety. The brand's products are designed to meet or exceed safety standards set by various organizations, including PAS 015 and ASTM F1163. Gatehouse has invested heavily in research and development to create innovative technologies that provide superior protection for riders.
  3. Design: One such technology is the Gatehouse Airflow system, which is incorporated into many of their riding hats. This system ensures optimal airflow to keep riders cool and comfortable while also providing unparalleled protection in the event of an impact. Additionally, Gatehouse has developed a unique helmet liner that is both breathable and washable, ensuring that riders can maintain a clean and hygienic riding hat.
  4. Stylish: In addition to their focus on safety and functionality, Gatehouse and Charles Owen riding hats are also aesthetically pleasing. The brand offers a range of colors, finishes, and styles to suit different preferences and tastes. We love the Air Rider MKII riding hats which show off a vibrant design and matte metallic finish, setting you out from the crowd.

Overall, Gatehouse riding hats are a great investment for any rider who takes their safety, comfort, and style seriously. With a commitment to innovation and quality, riders can trust that their Gatehouse hat will provide superior protection and performance, allowing them to enjoy their ride with peace of mind.