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Shampoos & Sprays

Keeping your horse and tack clean and protected takes a whole army of creams, sprays, oils, lotions and potions. From tack cleaner to mane and tail conditioner, hoof oil and fly spray – we’ve got it all.

Shampoo for horses, mane and tail conditioner, coat shine spray, fly spray, hoof oil, tack cleaner

Looking after horses involves no end of sprays, creams, ointments and liquids. Whether you’re gleaming up your trusty steed or making tack shine, you’re going to need the right potion. If you’ve ever transformed a horse from mud monster to shiny sweetheart, you’ll be familiar with the different lotions and sprays needed. We stock stain-removing shampoos, mane and tail conditioner, coat shine and hoof oil. After meeting with all of these your horse is destined to look and smell amazing – and to roll in the mud as soon as they’re in the field of course. Fly spray is an essential in the summer months, and wound ointment all year round. When it comes to looking after your tack and keeping it supple, especially if it’s leather, you’re going to have to get familiar with tack cleaner. There are different sprays for cleaning off dirt and grease and then moisturizing the leather. Cleaning and oiling leather regularly is the only way to maintain its flexibility and to increase its life span – it’s especially important after riding in muddy and wet conditions. Sometimes, if not often, horses and their tack get more pampering than their owners! Check out our range of the best, tried and tested shampoos and sprays for your horse and tack from Car & Day & Martin.