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Equestrian belts

A luxury equestrian belt can turn your average stable wear into something special. Check out our selection of high-quality belts for your equestrian needs. 

Horse Riding Belts

We have said it once and we will say it again that horseback riding it’s not just a hobby. It’s a way of life and this is why its highly recommendable to take things serious from the very start. Everything count there.

Look, everything matters when it comes to maximizing efficiency in this industry. And in this regard, the equestrian belts are non-negotiable. They are very necessary since will help you to maximize your outlook and add a sense of fashion to your journey.

We at Saddle Up & Ride have a very famous saying that says “A luxury equestrian belt can turn your average stable wear into something special.” And we can’t emphasize this enough.

Equestrian belts are a great gift idea for your horsey friends, family or partner – one huge benefit is you’ll rarely get the size wrong! They’re pretty practical too, just add a carabiner clip and have your tools, keys and random essentials always to hand. Pair them with jodhpurs, breeches or jeans to take your image up a notch.

Tips On How You Can Measure Your Belt Size

Find the size of the Riding Tight you wear. Measure an existing belt from the head up to the middle hole (The hole that you normally use) Hold the tape tight and get the measurement. And finally, you will have the exact measurement you want.

best equestrian belts

Best equestrian belts for you? You have found the right place. We’ve chosen the best belts from around the world, each with its own story and style. Not only that, but we also have brilliant Riding Hoodies, Riding T-shirts, Riding Socks and many more. We simply mean business! We focus on finding the best leather belt manufacturers out there, hand-picking the most beautiful belts we can find, so you know you’re choosing a top quality item whatever your taste.

These aren’t factory repeats, they’re individually crafted pieces made by celebrated artisans. Whether you love the bright colours of the Pampeano polo belts meticulously hand-made in Argentina, or something more subtle, you can rest assured that the leather and materials in our belts are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

Here is what we have got for you in our iconic store:

In fact our iconic store comprises the two biggest equestrian belts brand up to now. The Freerein and Pampeano equipments.

Freerein Equipment Map Belt- This iconic product is made up of super durable material, 1000 denier material and keeps your map from flapping around in the wind.

Freerein Equipment Map Case And Belt- A durable, waterproof map case available with red or blue trim. They are 100% handmade in Wales by a single craftsman. Versatile suitable for hacking, endurance and long-distance walking and riding.

Pampeano Polo Belt Belt, Sereno- This Iconic Polo beltcombines sky blue, navy and white chime with the antique brass coloured bubble and chocolate brown leather.Its leather only gets better with age and the classic design will never go out of fashion, trust us.

Pampeano Polo Belt Belt, Audiz- These stunning handmade by artisans come in a gift box making them an ideal presents for your loved ones. They are also very powerful and their classic design makes them timeless. Try them today!

To Wind Up:

At Saddle Up & Ride we have a good number of horseback riding products that you won’t found them elsewhere than here, and the reason why is because we have a team of people who have very thick skin when it comes to the horseback riding activities.

Looking for the best equestrian riding belts? Visit our product pages and pick yours today.