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Cups & Mugs

A cup of tea or coffee is the best punctuation mark in the day and it’s even better after a ride. Our Freerein mugs and #horsebackisbetter coffee cups will remind you of your horse riding adventures each and every time you reach for the kettle and they’re perfect for the stables.

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It’s estimated that 100 million cups of tea are drunk in Britain daily, with the average Brit consuming 2-3 cups per day. This translates as 876 cups annually, or enough to fill two bath tubs. Coffee comes in a close second, with about 70 million cups helping to keep the nation awake every day. It’s fair to say, having a warm caffeinated drink is pretty much every adult’s favourite way to spend five minutes of down time. A cup of tea is usually the only possible answer after most mild crises, including at the stables, such as an escaped herd, a surprise bloody wound, or a tumble off your trusty steed. It’s also the only way to end a long ride, once the horses are settled. So pop the kettle on, get out your favourite cup or mug, and put your feet up for a minute. Our Freerein mugs and #horsebackisbetter coffee cups are the best way to remember your epic Freerein trail holiday, or your riding adventures in general. They make great gifts for horsey friends too. After all, you can be sure that nearly everyone likes a cup of tea or coffee.