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Mark Todd

The Mark Todd Collection is a leading equestrian brand internationally recognized for its dedication to providing high-quality riding equipment and apparel. The brand, founded by the Olympic equestrian champion Mark Todd, aims to blend performance, comfort, and style in its products, catering to the diverse needs of both professional and amateur riders.

Todd's equestrian expertise permeates the design of each product, resulting in an unmatched understanding of horse and rider requirements. The Mark Todd Collection is popular for its exceptional durability, functionality, and aesthetics, creating a unique blend that makes it a top choice in the equestrian world.

We also stock Ariat.

About Mark Todd Brand

Mark Todd Equestrian Brand

Mark Todd is an internationally recognized equestrian brand, borne out of the experience and insight of Sir Mark Todd, a legendary two-time Olympic gold medallist and one of the greatest eventing riders in history. The brand is a reflection of Todd's passion for the equestrian world and his personal ethos of perseverance, quality, and excellence.

Established over a decade ago, the Mark Todd Collection includes a vast range of equestrian gear and equipment designed for both horse and rider. The range covers everything from riding clothing and boots to horse rugs, bridles, and saddlery items, offering a comprehensive choice for equestrian enthusiasts of all levels. This wide array of products is indicative of the brand's commitment to cater to the diverse needs of the equestrian community, and it embodies the professional expertise of its founder, Mark Todd.