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Toggi is a renowned brand in the equestrian world, known for its commitment to producing high-quality riding apparel and accessories. Over the years, Toggi has built a reputation for fusing functionality with style, ensuring that riders can look elegant while benefiting from the latest in fabric technology and design.

You can feel stylish and comfortable head to toe in Toggi equestrian clothing. Check out our range of riding tights, jackets and accessories from this quality outdoor clothing brand.

We also stock Mountain Horse.

Toggi: Sustainable Riding Clothes

Toggi is the equestrian sport brand that dresses all riders or horse lovers from head to toe. You can enjoy even the toughest outdoor activities while looking stylish, but without losing comfort. The equestrian clothing from Toggi is specifically designed to keep you dry and warm even through the cold and rainy British weather or muddy mornings walking through the fields. Although this is a global brand, Toggi does not lose sight of sustainability, distinguishing itself from the world of fast fashion that harms the environment.

Key Features

  1. Material: Toggi use the best quality fabrics, which are also recyclable and take less time to biodegrade than common fabrics. They are crafted with top-notch materials that can withstand the wear and tear of regular riding. They're designed to last, making them a favorite among professional and amateur riders alike.
  2. Comfort: Understanding the needs of riders, Toggi has put immense emphasis on the comfort of its products. Whether it's the breathable fabrics, the stretchable materials for ease of movement, or the tailored fit, every detail is considered.
  3. Versatility: Many of Toggi's pieces are versatile, suitable not just for riding but also for other outdoor activities or casual wear. Just like Mountain Horse they are designed meticuslously to wear well in all outdoor elements.
  4. Comfort: Toggi supports British riding and designs products in collaboration with the very best in the equestrian field. Even their everyday products like the Toggi winter socks are made with comfort in mind, using renewable, antibacterial bamboo fibres to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh even in your oldest riding boots!

At Toggi you will find all kinds of clothing, from polo shirts, riding tights, gilets and jackets that you can wear even beyond the stables. Not only will you be comfortable but you will also know that you are not harming the environment, thanks to sustainable fabrics and conscious designs. We love that Toggi is a company that thinks about British athletes and equestrians, their riding clothes are the right choice for you.