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Absorbine have been in business for over 125 years! Their products range from grooming and coat care to hoof care and fly control. Absorbine offers a variety of sprays, shampoos, liniments, and supplements that cater to the specific needs of horses.

Their products are formulated using natural ingredients such as botanicals, essential oils, and herbs to provide effective and safe care for horses. Absorbine is known for its innovative and high-quality products that help maintain the health and well-being of horses.

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Absorbine Ultra Shield
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Absorbine coat care and fly spray

Absorbine is a brand that has been a trusted name in the world of horse care for over 125 years. Founded in 1892 by Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife Mary Ida, Absorbine has been providing high-quality products to horse owners ever since. The brand has a long-standing reputation for providing innovative and effective solutions to meet the needs of horses and their owners.

Absorbine's fly sprays are highly popular among horse owners. The brand offers a range of fly sprays that are designed to repel different types of flies and other insects. These sprays are made with natural ingredients such as citronella oil, which repels flies, and pyrethrins, which kill flies on contact. Our most popular fly spray from Absorbine is the Ulstrashield.

In conclusion, Absorbine is a brand that has been providing high-quality horse care products for over 125 years. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients that are effective and safe for horses. Absorbine's commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name among horse owners around the world.