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Saddle Pads & Numnahs

Saddle pads and numnahs help to keep your horse comfortable under the saddle by wicking away sweat and help keep the saddle in place. Find out what saddle pads are the best for your horse and check out our selection.

Saddle pads, numnahs, saddle cloths

A lot has been said about saddle pads and numnahs. In this post, we will be talking about things most people don’t know about. Look, Riders have been putting cloths between their horses’ backs and themselves, or their saddles, since ancient times.

However, traditionally English saddles were used without saddle pads and cloths were only introduced to keep the saddle clean from horses’ sweat.

Having the saddle cloth is a very essential part of riding equipment. Your horse needs to be comfortable and protected from those galls caused by a saddle. So, without a shadow of doubt saddle pads are specifically designed for comfort between the horse and rider.

With the equine market saturated with different colours and styles, some people think choosing a saddle pad is just about which one looks the best. But it’s so much more than that.

Modern research has led to developments in understanding the role of saddle pads, and innovations have led to breakthroughs in design and materials.

The key purposes of saddle pads and numnahs (the latter is simply shaped to fit the saddle where the former is a square shape) are

“Saddle pad protects your horse’s back from friction that could be caused by a saddle rubbing directly on your horse’s hair and skin”


Horse Saddle Pads At The Best Deal

Looking for the best saddle pads and numnahs? No matter what Horse saddle product you are looking for when it comes to your horse, Here at Saddle Up & Ride we have got you covered.

We stock a range of saddle pads, includingWintec Comfort Pad. These come with fastenings at the girth to help keep the saddle cloth in place and have been shaped to fit the contours of your horse and the saddle. Curious to now a little bit more about their details?

Woof Wear GP Saddle Cloth: These saddle cloths are made from soft, durable and breathable polycotton with a high wither design yet are suitable for high-withered and witherless horses alike.

This saddle cloth has a cute silver rope binding detail and features girth strap separation loops to protect your horse from rubbing and D-ring, hook-and-loop attachments for a secure fit.

Wintec Comfort Pad: The Wintec Comfort Pad is ideal for everyday use. It is perfect in high shock situations such as jumping, endurance, polo and cross country. Provides a high level of comfort and trauma-reduction whilst assisting in the balancing of saddles.

What saddle pad is best for my horse?

As we have said before, your entire mindset when choosing a saddle for your horse should focus on the maximum comfortability between you and your horse.

With that being said the best saddle pad for your horse should be the one that fits properly, minimize chances of damage and effectively absorbs moisture and shock. This is very important.

The good thing? We have all-around amazing in our amazing store. We have Leadropes, Saddle Bags, Headcollars, Saddle Pads and many more.

Our products have iconic materials that you will hardly found them anywhere. Wicking materials help to keep your horse dry, with synthetic materials and cotton leading the way.

The benefit of these fabrics is that they’re super-easy to care for – just pop them in the washing machine after a ride and they dry in no time. Wool can hold a lot of moisture but it can be more tricky to look after.

We stock a range of saddle pads, Premier Equine Alberta. They come in a range of colours, because some of the choices always come down to what looks good to you!