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Don’t leave your safety when you’re out horse riding to chance. With the TOCSEN helmet crash sensor, you’re connected to your emergency contacts and rescue professionals immediately.

TOCSEN satefy products

Don’t leave your safety to chance

TOCSEN is a strong community that represents the most reliable automatic rescue solution. It is led by a 12-person team with extensive experience who are constantly trying to develop and extend this innovative safety brand for horse riders and other outdoor enthusiasts. TOCSEN was founded with a clear objective in mind: saving lives cannot be left to chance. TOCSEN purchased Traction in 2019 and began combining sensors with riding helmets from top equestrian brands like Uvex the following year. They have come a long way from a small tech lab and three passionate founders to an internationally respected company trusted by horse riders all over the world.

Crash sensor for horse riders

The TOCSEN helmet crash sensor is ideal for anyone who travels alone on horseback, bike or skis. Not only is the helmet crash sensor weatherproof and rechargeable, but it also has a long battery life. It provides precise crash detection while maintaining privacy and data security. Following a fall, the helmet's sensor automatically alerts your emergency contacts as well as the local rescue community via texts and the innovative TOCSEN app.

The safest TOCSEN helmet sensor

Despite the fact that the helmet crash sensor was designed first with cyclists in mind, it has proven to be extremely useful in the horse riding community, as we all know, accidents do happen. With the TOCSEN helmet crash sensor, you can be confident that if you and your horse are involved in an accident, no matter where you’re riding, if it’s 5 minutes from your stables or deep in the countryside, help is on the way.