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Stable Fixings

Keep your tack room tidy with fold-away saddle racks and hooks.

Stable fixings, saddle racks, folding saddle racks, hooks

Space is often an issue in tack rooms, so we’ve found fold-away saddle racks and heavy-duty hooks to help you with your organizational challenges! The arm on the racks stays attached when the rack is folded down and a bridle hook on the bottom of the fixing provides extra storage space. Made from strong metal and a durable plastic coating, these stable fixings will help you keep all your bits and bobs neat and tidy in the tack room. It makes a huge, noticeable difference to the atmosphere, or feng shui, of a place when everything is in order. Plus it saves you time knowing exactly where things are when you need them. A few hangers and racks in the right place will help you do just that!