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Flasks & Bottles

Stay hydrated and feeling great out on trail. Chilly’s stainless steel bottle keeps your drink warm or cold all day long.

Reusable water bottles, flasks, travel water bottle

Keeping up your fluid intake is good advice for everyone at any time but it’s even more important when you’re doing physical exercise and spending time outdoors. Riding can be demanding, especially when on long trail rides or during intense training. Simply spending long hours exposed to the elements can be dehydrating too, with chapped lips and headaches some of the most common symptoms – ouch! Luckily there’s a really simple intervention that can help massively – staying hydrated. With our bodies being around two-thirds water, it’s easy to understand why good hydration is linked to better all-round performance. It supports a huge range of physical and mental benefits, including clearer thinking, better mood and improved endurance. Who’d say no to any of those? But how can you remember to drink enough? One way is to have a gorgeous, bright orange bottle with #horsebackisbetter on the outside and your favourite tipple on the inside. Chilly’s stainless steel bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold with its double-wall vacuum. This is a flask and water bottle in one and you won’t need anything else all year round. It’s BPA free and reusable, so you can know even your bottle is doing its bit for the environment. So whether you want to make sure you’ve got cool water with you (rather than tepid water that tastes like plastic) or a nice warming beverage to help you through a winter’s day, this 500ml bottle will carry what you need and keep it how you want it. It’s also super-durable and totally leak-proof, so you can throw it in your bag without a second thought of what it might need to endure. There’s also the Freerein Riding Holidays 500ml water bottle, which fits perfectly into our saddle bags and comes with a spill-proof lid. Whether you’re out on trail or just out and about, summer or winter, stay caffeinated, juiced up, or just plain hydrated – your choice.