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Premier Equine

Premier Equine is a global leader in the horse care sector. With both directors originating from racing backgrounds, they undertand how important safety is. Premier Equine is at the forefront of innovation.

Premier Equine England

The revolutionary range

Premier Equine launched their first product in 2002 with a much beloved product in the horse world. Since this time Premier Equine have become a loved brand by riders, owners, trainers, and industry professionals who they are also inspired by.

"Horse care and protection is in our company DNA"

With both Premier Equine's directors being from a professional racing background they understand the attention to detail that went into the daily care & training regime of the horses. They understand what goes in to keeping horses happy and cared for to the highest level.

Sports technology to aid performance of both horse and rider

Premier Equine are committed to offering their customers the very latest in sports technology. Premier Equine continuously invest in their development, design, and manufacturing processes to ensure we are getting the best products throughout all the levels in the horse world. Along with offering good value, they offer products that have been designed to last which helps to combat the “throwaway” culture making sure our enivroment is protected.