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Top Spec

We’re proud to stock Top Spec horse feed, digestive aids and supplements. Using only the best ingredients and formulated by equine nutritionists, you can’t get better quality than this.

Top Spec horse feed and balancers

Trusted equine nutrition experts

TopSpec has been making truly excellent horse feeds, feed balancers and other equine supplements for years, and they’re our own go-to brand for most purposes. They are totally dedicated to product quality and operational integrity, and this is what has made them one of the most trusted names in the industry. Everything they make was designed and developed by their own team of equine nutritionists. The company participates enthusiastically in BETA’s NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances) programme, and all of their products meet the stringent requirements of the HRA/FEI’s competition rules.

The best supplements and digestive aids for horses

We are proud to stock TopSpec products. One of our best-selling options is the iconic TopSpec Calmer, which provides safe, naturally occurring supplements which can help a horse recover quickly form the stress of travel, showing and intensive training. Another favourite is TopSpec’s Comprehensive Feed Balancer which provides all of the antioxidants and other digestive aids even the most active horse needs to maintain health and vigour. It also makes any other supplements or aids completely unnecessary.

Top Spec’s pure horse feed ingredients

We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, and TopSpec is often at the top of our lists due to the amazing quality they deliver. This commitment goes far beyond their own formulations and manufacturing techniques, as well. You can trace every ingredient back along their supply chain to its point of origin, and see the dedication each supplier has to purity and quality. Simply put, there may not be a better brand of horse feeds and calmers on the market today.