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Riding Baselayers

An essential item whatever the weather. Find out why base layers are all the rage and what kind you'll want when out riding.

Base layers, under layers and long sleeve tops for horse riders

“If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” could have been said about Britain. Everyone who rides horses or likes to spend time in the great outdoors knows how inconsistent the weather can be and how tricky it is to plan what to wear. The secret to getting it right most of the time? A base layer. Worn next to the skin and designed to fit snugly, a good base layer is one of the most versatile and frequently used wardrobe items of active people. By their dual actions of holding air next to your body to keep you warm, and wicking sweat away to keep you cool, they can help you regulate your body temperature no matter what the weather throws at you. Merino base layers are favoured for their natural anti-bacterial properties, meaning you can rely on them to support you in the quest against body odour. They can be worn again and again and still smell fresh so they’re ideal for adventurous trips with no washing machine in sight. They’re also warmer than their synthetic counterparts making them ideal for cooler climates. Synthetic base layers are great in milder weather and are worn by many athletes even in the summer to help keep them cool. Though it’s counter-intuitive, a figure-hugging layer next to the skin helps moderate body temperature by pulling sweat away. These technical fabrics dry in super speed, so even though they need to be washed more than merino they dry in no time. Base layers can happily stay tucked under your other clothes, beavering away in the background to help you maintain an even body temperature, or they can take the limelight and be worn alone. Our merino and synthetic base layers look so good they could easily be all you’ll want to wear on a summer’s day. Check out our black Keela merino base layer, which comes with a #horsebackisbetter logo, and the super-lightweight synthetic base layers from Cameo and Woof Wear.