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Riding Crops & Horse Whips

Riding crops can be a great riding aid while training and exercising, backing up other natural aids when needed. Choose the right crop for you and your particular riding style.

Riding Crops | Horse Whips

Essentially a riding crop is a rod or cane, nowadays usually made from fiberglass, wrapped in a flexible material. Although they can get a bad rap, they are not meant to be used in anger or aggression for punishment, but simply to communicate to your horse and get its attention while maintaining a balanced body position.

We all know horses and ponies that become more attentive simply by the presence of a crop in their rider’s hands! Used as an extension of your legs and to back up other aids they’re an essential riding tool, and when used to lengthen your arms they’re invaluable for groundwork and training.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a crop. First, your ability to grip it! There’s nothing more annoying than having to dismount repeatedly to pick up a crop because it’s the wrong size for your hands or the grip isn’t good. Therefore place your hand a little bit below the handle since it can feel light and balanced.

What is a riding crop used for?

As we have said before, it’s about keeping your horse in total control, having guidance, and making sure horses and riders are safe and functioning properly. Something which is huge. That’s what riding crops are used for.

If a whip is used correctly can be a very great tool for communication. Again, If a whip can be used really poorly it can be very much abusive to the horse, with a lot of frustration or even fear. This is not debatable.

What are the different types of horse whips?

What kind will you need? Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we have got plenty of horse whips A1 products for you. From Woof Wear Pro Showjumping Bat to Woof Wear Gel Fusion Riding Whip.

Short crops, also known as riding whips or jockey whips, are made with a leather flapper to provide encouragement without pain. They can be used to tap on the shoulder or behind the leg.

Schooling whips are longer, between three to four feet in length with an additional flapper, and are meant to lie across the thigh to make contact with the horse behind the lower leg. These are great for encouraging lateral movement and are used in dressage and flat work.

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