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Stirrups & Stirrup Leathers

Check out our selection of stirrup irons, stirrup treads and the best stirrup leathers you’ll find on the market.

Stirrups, stirrup irons, stirrup leathers

If you ever had riding lessons, you’ll remember hours of training without stirrups. But no matter how good it is for your balance as a rider, stirrups are still an essential bit of kit! We stock our favourite all-purpose stirrups with weighted bases from Shires, stirrup treads, and revolutionary stirrup leathers – the Wintec Webbers. These leathers aren’t actually made of leather, they’re made from a durable webbing core and hard-wearing outer material. Their unique design removes the buckle in favour of a T-bar fixing and gets rid of the excess material found in normal stirrup leathers. This provides you with greater comfort and less bulk, allowing for closer contact with the saddle. Even when it’s a basic essential like stirrups, we like to do it with a dash of innovation.