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Woof Wear

Created by Louise Woof, Woof Wear supplies horse riders with tried and trusted horse products including brushing boots, fly veils as well as quality clothing and accessories for you.

Woof Wear horse riding gear

Woof Wear accessories for horses and riders

Yes, we’re an equestrian shop, and Woof Wear has nothing to do with dogs! Louise Woof started Woof Wear in 1981 when she developed a highly effective neoprene brushing boot that was lighter, more durable and easier to care for than traditional leather brushing boots. That was just the beginning, and 41 years on Woof Wear is a go-to name for professional equestrians and leisure riders across Britain. True to their roots, Woof Wear makes the UK’s best-selling general purpose brushing boot to this day.

Horse reins, headcollars, gloves and hatcovers

Some of their lines really stand out – for example Woof Wear Zennor gloves. Named after the mermaid of Zennor, these stretchy, scalloped fabric gloves also feature an REINTEX Pore palm surface which helps you grip the reins firmly even in cold, wet conditions. Better still, they are just as well-suited to yard and stable work as riding – we love a piece of kit that can serve several purposes equally well.

Affordable and great quality equestrian gear

So why do we use Woof wear’s gloves, bats and fly veils ourselves? Simply put, they offer some of the best quality on the market at a very reasonable price. These are more than ‘cheap and cheerful’ bits of kit. Each piece is designed and built to meet the demands of competition riding all over the world, and therefore has to comply to all of the toughest standards. Woof Wear loves new and innovative materials, but believe that design and testing are the keys to offering high quality, reliable products.