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Keela has been at the forefront of the outdoor industry, designing and manufacturing high-performance clothing and equipment that cater to the needs of adventurers, hikers, mountaineers, and explorers worldwide. With a rich history rooted in the rugged landscapes of Scotland, Keela has become synonymous with reliability and excellence in outdoor gear.

We also stock Just Chaps.

Keela: Durable Outdoor Gear

Keela was created 25 years ago on the east coast of Scotland, which is really the ideal location to test outdoor products that work in the toughest climate in the UK. Keela focus on different equestrian gear and clothing that’s designed and ready for you to carry out any type of outdoor activities, no matter the weather. You’ll feel protected from the cold, rain and wind, whether you’re out on a hack or doing some yardwork.

Key Features

  1. Design: Keela knows that there is nothing more beautiful than being outdoors enjoying nature and horse riding, so that’s why they work so hard to design and make products prepared to protect you in the activities that you like to do the most. Windproof and waterproof trousers come with plenty of practical features.
  2. Material: Keela understands the demands that outdoor enthusiasts face when tackling the elements. Their products are crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, offering protection and comfort in even the most challenging environments. From remote mountain peaks to dense forests and unpredictable weather systems, Keela gear is engineered to perform.
  3. Quality: One of the hallmarks of Keela's outdoor gear is its unwavering focus on quality. Every garment and piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous attention to detail before reaching the hands of consumers. Keela takes pride in sourcing the finest materials, employing advanced manufacturing techniques, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies to create products that exceed expectations.
  4. Changeable: Keela jackets can be worn with the hood up even if you have a riding helmet. And the most essential addition to any outdoor clothing, warm base layers made of natural materials to regulate your temperature in changeable weather conditions.
  5. Functionality: Keela and Just Chaps offer a comprehensive range of outdoor gear, covering every aspect of an adventurer's needs. Their clothing line includes waterproof jackets, insulated layers, base layers, trousers, and accessories, all designed with a focus on functionality and style. Each garment is carefully tailored to provide unrestricted movement, optimal protection, and superior breathability, enabling adventurers to push their limits with confidence.
  6. Sustainable: The brand understands the importance of preserving the environment and minimizing its ecological footprint. Keela actively seeks sustainable materials, implements eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and ensures responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain. By choosing Keela, adventurers can align their passion for the outdoors with a brand that shares their values.

You’ll find plenty of Keela waterproof jackets and outdoor gear hanging up here in at Saddle Up & Ride HQ. When it’s pouring rain and the wind seems never ending, you want to know that you’re protected with outdoor clothing that’s reliable, warm and comfortable. Keela waterproofs and base layers are the best of the best.