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Feed & Supplements

You are what you eat; the same goes for horses too! Making sure horses get optimum nutrition is essential for their health, happiness and performance. Our selection of horse feeds, supplements, mineral licks and healthy treats have been chosen for their nutritional profile.

Horse feed, supplements for horses, healthy treats for horses, horse licks

In the wild horses graze for around sixteen hours a day, foraging on a huge range of grasses, legumes, herbs, wild flowers, fruits and forbs – also known as ‘weeds’, which makes them sound less amazing and yummy than they are for our four-legged friends. Now they’re domesticated it’s up to us to mimic as closely as possible this optimum natural diet to keep them healthy and happy. It should be simple, and it really is, to keep your horse’s feed as natural as possible and as regular as possible. However, just like us, our horses are often a little bit overweight or underweight, have different temperaments that are exacerbated by what they eat, or have various health conditions that need managing. Oh, and both horses and humans like treats too! Ideally, horses out to pasture and fed hay should get all the nourishment they need. Partly due to biodiversity having being reduced by modern farming methods, and partly due to the extra work we ask from our horses, many require additional feed to remain in tip-top condition. Our selection of horse feeds and supplements covers a range of general equine dietary requirements. We also stock feeds and supplements that help address common health complications like laminitis, and the main dietary deficiencies. Horse licks are a great way of getting health-boosting vitamins and minerals into your horse and they love them too! We also stock healthy treats for horses, because we all know that too much sugar (and polos) isn’t good for any horse, or human. Explore our selection of horse feeds, supplements, treats and licks from Dodson & Horrell, Top Spec, Spillers and Horslyx.