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Our horses love the tasty horse feed and horse treats from Spillers, a great vet-approved brand that looks after your horses’ health and digestion with quality natural ingredients.

When it comes to the well-being of our beloved horses, there is no room for compromise. As responsible horse owners and caretakers, we understand the importance of providing them with the highest quality nutrition.

That's where Spillers horse treats and feeds come into the picture. With a legacy that spans over 50 years, Spillers has established itself as a trusted name in the equestrian community, offering a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of horses.

We also stock NAF treats.

Spillers: Horse Treats and Equine Nutrition

Spillers is a company that since 1958 has been developing and manufacturing the best horse feed. Something that makes Spillers unique for horse feed is that since the beginning, they have been proactive in making balanced food for ponies and horses. Over time they have created new products, adjusting to the latest advances in equine nutrition. Spillers also spearheads its own research to develop the best products. This brand knows that good nutrition is essential for all horses.

Key Features

  1. Commited: One of the key aspects that sets Spillers apart is their unwavering commitment to scientific research and innovation. With a team of dedicated nutritionists and equine experts, Spillers constantly strives to push the boundaries of equine nutrition. Their state-of-the-art research facilities allow them to develop feeds and treats that are not only palatable but also backed by scientific evidence to support optimal health and performance in horses.
  2. Individuality: Spillers understands that every horse is unique, with individual dietary requirements and goals. Whether you have a high-performance athlete, a senior horse, or a leisure companion, Spillers offers a wide range of feeds and treats to cater to their specific needs. From low-starch formulations for horses prone to metabolic issues to high-energy feeds for competitive horses, Spillers provides tailored solutions for all.
  3. Ingredients: Within the products that Spillers offers you can find health fibres and supplements that facilitate the good digestion for your horses. There's also low-energy food designed for older horses that aren't as physically active these days. Horse treats have moved on from the odd sugar cube, and Spillers is a leading brand in delicious healthy horse treats. The Meadow Herb Treats and Apple Treats are made with natural dried ingredients, perfect for keeping in your saddle bag or pockets to reward your horse when you're out and about.
  4. Vet approved: The team at Saddle Up & Ride, and our horses, love the tasty horse feed and horse treats that Spillers has developed. This is a company created by horse owners and they also work with specialist equine nutritionists and veterinarians ensuring that they offer the best variety of healthy horse feed products.

Overall, Spillers horse treats and feeds are the epitome of excellence in equine nutrition. With their dedication to research, commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients, and tailored formulations for various equine requirements, Spillers has earned the trust of horse owners worldwide.