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Clipper Accessories

We’ve got a wide range of clipper blades suitable for different desired lengths of hair on your horse’s coat and clipper oil to keep your blades working well. Find all your clipper accessories here.

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The higher the number on the blade the shorter the hair – what you choose will depend on how experienced you are at clipping (starting with a coarse cut is a safer bet), the part of your horse’s body you’re clipping (a closer shave is required on the face than the legs), and whether you’re showing or not (you’ll not want any ear hair when being judged!). You also might require a very fine or surgical shave, where the maximum amount of hair is taken away to allow a vet to see the skin clearly or make incisions. Whatever your reason, there are different blades you might need throughout the year – we stock eight different Heiniger clipper blades, Swiss-made, durable and coming with a two-year warranty. It’s important to maintain your clipper blades with clipper oil. Oiling your blades regularly will allow them to perform properly and will enhance their life-span. We stock different size bottles of Heiniger clipper oil to complete your horse clipper tool box. Now it’s just time to get clipping!