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Keep snug and warm without restricting active arms with a cosy, lightweight gilet. Find out why gilets have become the favoured additional layer for people who love the great outdoors.

Gilets for riding, body warmers, men’s gilets, women’s gilets.

Once you’ve learned how to pronounce it (ji-lay) and tried wearing one, there’s just no turning back. Gilets are one of the best extra layers for the in-between seasons and the in-between times – cold mornings and nippy evenings. These sleeveless jackets are lightweight yet super-warm, usually made with down filling, technical materials and constructed with multiple air-pockets. Because gilets keep you cosy without restricting movement in your arms, they’re especially suitable for outdoors activities, whether riding or working around the yard. They’re totally versatile and easy to wear, helping to retain core body warmth while feeling as light as air. What’s more, they help enormously with the ongoing dilemma of what to wear. We’re all familiar with the pre-ride faffing about with layers, wondering what the weather will do. Well, the answer usually includes a gilet. In dry and cold conditions, they are perfect as an outer layer. When it’s wet, tucked in under a waterproof jacket they become invisible super powers. Gilets are so packable and easy to shove into a saddle bag, they make the perfect ‘just in case’ garment. So why leave home without one?