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Horse Riding Tights & Breeches

Riding tights are a recent addition to the equestrian wardrobe - a sporty, stretchy version of breeches or jodhpurs. Find out what the craze is all about.

Horse riding tights

Thanks to innovations in fabric technology, jodhpurs have had an upgrade. Riding tights are the next-gen legwear for riders of all ages and at all stages, providing improved levels of comfort both when in the saddle and around the yard.

Crafted from technical, lightweight, four-way stretch microfibre material, riding tights feel like a second skin. Supportive flexible fabrics and wide waistbands make riding tights both flattering and super comfortable to wear.

Why do horse riders wear tights?

It comes down to a very simple reason, firstly is to get the maximum level of comfortability when in the saddle since riding tights have unique features which help riders to stay comfortable while riding. Features like elasticity, smoothness, flexible fabrics and others really simplify the riding process. The other important reason comes down to maintaining a sense of stylish which is very vital in this modern world.

One of the best things about riding tights?

Riding tights come in a range of contemporary designs and are suitable for four seasons. In the summer breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and air-mesh inserts keep you cool and fresh, with anti-microbial fabric properties improving hygiene. Fleece-lined winter riding tights crafted from thick, wind-proof material keep you snuggly and warm in the colder months.

Horse Riding Tight brands

Our selection of riding tights and riding breeches cover four seasons and everyone’s taste, with brands like:

Men’s Apollo Air Storm Breech Navy- This iconic riding tight is ideal for all weather, it is water repellent, windproof, breathable and durable. Plus provide you with maximum comfort all day long.

Toggi Sculptor Riding Tights- The most wanted riding tight with supportive, stretch fabric which ensure maximum flexibility when in the saddle or around the playground. Really, it is a must have for today's equestrian.

Ariat EOS Full Seat Riding Tight-It’s wide waistband with a zipped pocket in the back is what makes it special. The heat series technology keeps you cool all the time.

Cameo Equine Denim Riding Tights- Looking for a very attractive, casual everyday horse riding tight with a smooth waist band that will give you maximum comfort? This one is ideal for you.

Apollo Air Breathe Riding Tights- The good thing about this riding tight? Well, it has a full silicon seat that gives you a great grio in the saddle together with maximum comfortability due to its unique stretch fabric.

Noble Outfitters Balance Riding- Crafted from super flexible and durable supplex nylon gives you ultimate flexibility all time. They are quick drying and good machine washable products.

Horse Riding Tights With Pockets

When it comes to horse riding tights there are some features which undoubtedly make them unique and among those features are fabrics and pockets. A phone pocket at the thing makes them ideal for trail riding. Looking for the one that has a phone pocket? We at the Saddle Up & Ride got you covered. In our store we, have a wide collection of horse riding tights with pockets.

Do you really want to know them? Okay well here are they, Apollo Air Breathe Riding Tights, Noble Outfitters Balance Riding, Men’s Apollo Air Storm Breech Navy and others. You just visit in our store and pick the one you like.

What Makes Our Product Unique?

We at Saddle Up & Ride always offer the best equestrian products that you may not find them elsewhere, that has always been our primary focus. Like we are always saying our goal is to make sure you have the very nice experience when you are in horseback riding through offering you the best products and information that are highly applicable in the modern world.

We have thick skin in this game which always keep us miles ahead of our competitors. So speaking of the horse riding tights our goals stay the same (We give you the best product) to maximize your journey.

Our Product Prices

Again we are still the best when it comes to offering quality products at the best prices, Listen you can get your horse riding tights from E40 up to E95. Visit our individual product pages and pick the product you might like.

Looking for the best equestrian riding tights? Visit our product pages and pick yours today.