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Mountain Horse

For more than 30 years, Mountain Horse has been producing high quality and stylish equestrian footwear and clothing that can take you from a great horse ride to the yard and into town.

Mountain Horse equestrian boots and wear are crafted using top-grade materials and innovative techniques. They are available in various styles and models, catering to different riding disciplines and preferences. Whether you're an avid show jumper, dressage enthusiast, or pleasure rider, Mountain Horse has a boot to suit your needs.

We also stock Moretta.

Mountain Horse: High Quality Riding boots and Equestrian Clothing

Mountain Horse has been producing high quality equestrian clothing for more than 30 years, taking horse riders of all levels, abilities and experience straight from the fields to the stables and beyond. Not only do they sell fantastic products, but they also make sure that each one of them is produced in a sustainable way, minimizing damage to the environment. Mountain Horse had its origins in Sweden but has grown into a fantastic trusted equestrian brand reaching almost all parts of the world, dressing professional or amateur riders around the globe.

Key Features

  1. Collection: Mountain horse equestrian clothing has everything you need for a day of riding. Great quality basics like gilets, mens riding breeches and women’s breeches in a variety of colours, as well as sturdy leather paddock boots that can take you from the yard straight to town.
  2. Design: One of the standout offerings from Mountain Horse is their range of equestrian boots. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these boots are designed to provide superior comfort, durability, and performance. Mountain Horse boots are made from premium materials such as high-grade leather and advanced synthetic fabrics, ensuring both style and functionality.
  3. Material: For more additions to your riding wardrobe that will keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions, Mountain Horse tall boots are the epitome of equestraian elegance, while all-weather jackets and raincoats have riding hat compatible hoods and practical pockets and zips.
  4. Longevity: When it comes to caring for Mountain Horse and Moretta equestrian boots and riding wear, the brand provides guidelines to help maintain their quality and longevity. Proper cleaning, storage, and maintenance of the products ensure that they stay in excellent condition for years to come.

Overall, we love that Mountain Horse is a company that really cares about the environment and is constrantly develping new lines of clothing and footwear for horse riding that has a positive impact on the world. The wide range of Mountain Horse clothing and riding boot options we stock can keep you covered for any type of horse riding activity.