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Derriere Equestrian are the equestrian underwear experts providing ultimate comfort for riders of all disciplines, providing support and style. Featuring both mens and womens lines, they really have underwear for everyone! From shorts to leggings and sports bras, Derriere has designed each product to ensure that riders can concentrate solely on their performance without any discomfort or distraction.

We also stock a full range of Riding Tights & Breeches.

Derriere, equestrian underwear for ultimate comfort, support and style

Horse riding with no discomfort

Derriere Equestrian is a unique equestrian underwear company that makes sure horse riders feel as much comfort as possible when on the horse. Claire Galer, a dressage rider, is the company’s founder and realised that normal underwear was just not comfortable for different types of equestrian activities, and that this discomfort was not something that riders and athletes should have to deal with. Claire decided to take matters into her own hands and launched her own brand of underwear for horse riders, Derriere. The brand has now been taken over by Laura Thyer, to push Derriere into a new generation for equine underwear.

Look after your Derriere with padded underwear

Developed with the backing of in-depth research testing, Derriere Equestrian underwear ensures that it meets the needs of riders in comfort and durability. This luxury underwear is specially designed to protect horse riders from saddle sores and chafing thanks to the foam insert that’s built into the designs. Whether you choose the padded panty brief style underwear or the padded shorty style, you can be sure that the subtle gyet high density padding, as well as the seamless structure will leave you free from VPLs. Whether you enjoy showjumping, eventing, dressage or just happy hacking, if you’re wearing Derriere padded pants there’s no friction or chafing, just smooth and comfortable riding.

Innovative and unique underwear designs

Derriere Equestrian underwear works with a team of French lingerie designers to keep these riding products elegant as well as practical. The moisture-wicking material and bacteriostatic fabric is developed through constant innovation from the company and a focus on keeping riders comfortable. Derriere Equestrian underwear is our little secret, and now at Saddle Up & Ride, we’re sharing it with you too!