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Horse Riding Underwear

Your comfort in the saddle is key to your performance. Choosing the right horse riding underwear gives you a small secret weapon that has the power to transform your riding experience.

Equestrian underwear For Horse Riders

Here at Saddle Up & Ride have said it before and will say it again that, having the maximum comfortability during horseback riding is non-negotiable. Whether someone is at the saddle or around a yard. And the reason is pretty very simple, maximum comfortability in the saddle is the key to your performance.

We can’t emphasize this enough, to have maximum comfortability one has to make sure he/she has everything on point. Quality boots, amazing hats, outstanding body protectors, unique belts and iconic horse riding underwear. You get the idea!

Let’s be real, quality horse riding underwear is something that should not be underrated. Cyclists invented them a long time ago and horse riders have surely wished for them since bums were first in saddles. The mystery of why it’s taken so long for riding underwear to hit the equestrian market might never be solved, but it doesn’t matter because they’re finally here – rejoice!

Whether it’s an uncomfortable saddle to blame, out-of-practice backside, or simply long hours on horseback, padded panties might just about save the day. Literally. If you know, you know. If you don’t, count your blessings. It’s not something to be coy about – saddle sores are no laughing matter, for horse or rider.

Best Horse Riding Underwear

Look, Whether you ride once per month or multiple times every week, it's crucial that you feel comfortable and confident. Looking for the best horse riding underwear? Look no further, here at Saddle Up & Ride we have the best equestrian underwear that you won’t find them anywhere.

Our riding underwear comes with a subtly padded patch around the crotch, perineal and lower buttocks area to make sure you’re protected where you need it most. This supportive patch of padding is also called the chamois and is made from medium-high density foam. The underwear itself is crafted from fast-wicking fabric and is designed to be worn as replacement underwear so that you benefit most from the fabric keeping you dry, similar to cycling shorts

Our Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty is the ground-breaking underwear helping backsides around the country and beyond. Designed in the UK and Italy by bringing together research teams and equine sports therapists, this riding underwear is practical and a bit gorgeous too, so you can feel fabulous in every possible way.

Curious to know more about them? Here is the sample of our most wanted equestrian underwear on the market.

Derriere Bonded Padded Shorty- This equestrian shorty is the secret support you’ve always wanted. Made of soft, moisture-wicking material with bacteriostatic properties, make no mistakes this luxury underwear is designed to protect you from saddle sores while remaining subtle thanks to its medium high-density foam insert which makes it iconic.

Derriere Padded Panty- An iconic shorty made of soft, classic moisture-wicking material with bacteriostatic properties, these padded horse riding pants will help you stay feel comfortable, no matter how long you spend in the saddle. Another important thing is the pants’ inbuilt padding ensures no chaffing or friction in the perineal area, while the seamless structure reduces their visibility.

What Underwear Should I Wear Horseback Riding?

We constantly get asked this question and as someone with a thick skin in the game and enough pool of information, Our answer has always been of straightforward, wear something that will entirely make you comfortable at the saddle, anything more than that is pure distractions, Avoid it.

We at the Saddle Up & Ride have the best underwear when it comes to horseback riding, our products will make you feel confident and comfortable in the saddle since they are made from iconic materials that take into consideration the safety and comfortability of a rider.

Made from soft materials and available in four colours, this riding underwear has also been crafted with subtle seams which have the dual benefit of reducing seam visibility and eliminating the chaffing that can come from stitched seams.

Who’d have thought such a small item of clothing could transform the equestrian experience so much!

Visit our store and pick your best one at an affordable price today.