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Made by horse riding legend John Whitaker, this brand offers an affordable yet high quality range of riding products and helmets, ask our experts for hat sizing advice today.

Whitaker horse riding helmets

Legendary equestrian products

You know a brand is good when it's made by a sports legend, and this is the case with Whitaker, created and developed by John Whitaker. John is an iconic British horse rider, as he was crowned European Champion four times, and reached the top six times between World Championships and the Olympics. He knows what products a rider needs to have a good performance as well as how to improve overall comfort on the horse. Whitaker was developed to guarantee excellence in horse riding at every level.

Whitaker riding helmets

Whitaker produces a wide variety of products for the horse and for the rider. For horses, there are rugs, head collars, leg protection, saddle pads, fly veils, and much more. For riders, there are riding helmets, polo shirts, t-shirts, breeches, jackets, and more. Whitaker helmets are full of top quality technical features like the Coolmax-treated lining which wicks away moisture, good ventilation and lightweight materials.

Champion riding products

Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we love Whitaker products, especially the high quality riding helmets. Affordable, comfortable, great quality and with the seal of approval from a champion rider, what's not to love about Whitaker riding products. You can feel confident that your safety and comfort is guaranteed when you're on the horse.