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Lead Ropes For Horses

Lead ropes are essential tools for horseback riding. Check out our selection of these essential items, including a special Freerein Equipment design feature. 

Lead ropes, lead reins, lead ropes for horses

When it comes to the horseback riding activities you really can’t underestimate the importance of having quality lead ropes. An essential, everyday piece of kit, you can never have too many lead ropes around the yard. A perfect catalyst for proper communication with your horse.

A lead, lead line, lead rope (US) or headcollar rope (UK), is used to lead an animal such as a horse. Usually, it is attached to a halter. (Wikipedia)

Choose the right rope for your horse’s colour code and off you go. Every equestrian knows the one ultimate frustration when it comes to lead ropes. For maximum flexibility of your horse having the quality lead rope is non-negotiable matter.

How Long Should A Horse Lead Rope Be?

And this is a very important question that needs to be properly addressed. Well, the answer is very simple, According to Wikipedia, The length is average 9-12 feet. but longer and shorter lengths are seen.

Horse Lead Ropes For Sales

Looking for the best horse lead ropes for sales in the market? Here at Saddle Up & Ride, We stock a selection of quality lead ropes in a range of colours.

Our ropes are light and flat making them super-easy to attach to your saddle and ride with, making them perfect for trail riders. We also stock deluxe ropes from brands like:

Woof Wear Contour Leadrope: This iconic lead rope is made up of recycled polyester fibre making it thick and soft to handle. Looking for a very strong lead rope for your horse? Look no further than this.

Freerein Equipment Ultra Slimline Utility Lead Rope: This ultra-slimline lead rope is light enough to roll up and attach to your saddle while riding without you or your horse even knowing it’s there – perfect for trail riding! It comes with a unique ingenious design – our Freerein logo is placed along the rope at exactly the right spot for the perfect roll-up. (Saddle Up & Ride)

Cameo Equine Deluxe Leadrope: This strong and thick deluxe knitted lead rope from Came or Equine features a tapered end for easy rolling and a robust, silver-coloured trigger hook.

What is the safest way to lead a horse?

You should always lead your horse with a halter and lead rope attached to the ring under the chin. If you have been riding and need to lead your horse, remove the reins from his neck by bringing them back over his neck and head and lead with two hands as you would with a halter and rope.


Why Should You Choose Us For Lead Rope?

The reason is pretty simple, Here at Saddle Up & Ride we simply offer the best products on the market. Our ropes are light and flat making them super-easy to attach to your saddle and ride with, making them perfect for trail riders. Our products like Breastplates,Horse Bits, Body protectors and more all proved to be much superior to others and they can be easily obtained at a very affordable price. How cool is that!