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ARMA is a Shires Equestrian brand who are based in Herefordshire.

ARMA is a range of equestrian products from Shires Equestrian, designed to provide horses with the ultimate in protection and comfort during exercise and competition. The range includes boots, bandages, saddle pads, and fly masks, all of which are constructed with advanced materials and design features to deliver superior performance.

ARMA products are known for their durability, comfort, and custom fit, making them a top choice for horse owners who want the best for their equine partners. ARMA consists of quality essentials needed for your horse. From Tail Bandages to Tendon Boots, and much more.

We also stock Woof Wear

ARMA: Ultimate Comfort

ARMA from Shires Equestrian is a family owned business launched in 1968. With over 50 years experience Shires have become a loved brand within the equestrian world throughout the levels. In 2016 shires lanched their new boot range ARMA. The ARMA range was born from shires already exsisting protective boot range but giving a modern twist to the ever growing and developing horse world. ARMA from Shires Equestrian is designed to provide horses with the ultimate in comfort and protection during exercise and competition.

Key Features

  1. Material: One of the key features of the ARMA range is its use of advanced technology to provide superior protection for horses. For example, the boots in the ARMA range feature impact-resistant shells and shock-absorbing liners, which work together to protect horses from knocks and impacts during exercise.
  2. Design: Another important aspect of the ARMA range is its focus on comfort. The products are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, without rubbing or chafing the horse's skin. The boots and wraps feature soft, breathable linings that wick away sweat and moisture, helping to keep the horse's legs cool and dry during exercise.
  3. Durability: The products in the ARMA range and Woof Wear are constructed with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring that they provide reliable performance over the long term.
  4. Trusted: Purchase the ARMA range knowing you will get the best product quality from Shires years of experience and the acknowledgment from the horse community. Shires were awarded the Royal Warrant from the late Queen in 2009 so you can trust your horse will be protected to the highest level.
  5. Modern Feel:
    The ARMA range really is a favourite with all because not only does your horse look professional but is well protected. This makes their extensive product range popular with both professionals and leisure riders alike.

Overall, the ARMA range from Shires Equestrian is a top choice for horse owners who are looking for high-quality equestrian gear that provides superior protection, comfort, and durability. With its advanced technology, innovative design features, and focus on comfort and functionality, the ARMA range is sure to deliver optimal performance and help horses perform at their best.